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  1. IceCarver

    Any news yet on power fold for Tow Mirrors?

    Just finished up install this morning after waiting for a warm spell here in PA. No real install issues, after first door was a breeze to install. The programming was even easier, plugged in security override and then the programmer, waited for the green light, works just like factory (even...
  2. IceCarver

    Hello from the Northeast!

    Hey all, just checking in from Bridgeport/KOP area of South Eastern PA. Relatively new to this forum, but not to forums in general. Latest mod is converting the tow mirrors to power folds. Expecting last part arrival on Monday, hopefully can get some decent +50 degree weather to convert.
  3. IceCarver

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    Roof top tent by front runner. https://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/us/front-runner-roof-top-tent.html . It's set up on Billiebars. Pretty much air-tight, going to put in a thicker mattress in the spring just to bump the comfort up a bit. Stock mattress is only 2 1/4" thick. Other than that...
  4. IceCarver

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    2019 1500, 4WD, Quad Cab As purchased March 2022 Current pics -
  5. IceCarver

    Any news yet on power fold for Tow Mirrors?

    I have a similar list for a 2019 1500 Quad Cab that came with manual tow mirrors. Have not completed install yet, waiting on parts. Will post-up results. Hopefully knockoff mirrors are going to work out at 1/2 price.