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  1. Cajun_

    Road Queen Tire recommendation

    Every tire discussion devolves into people recommending an off road tire. I have a RWD truck and want to know the best road tires for the 22 inch wheels if I want some more sidewall than the stock rubber.
  2. Cajun_

    Paint chip correction with depth?

    factory touch up paint to build it up over a few days. then polish the whole area to blend. Wax or coating to protect the paint. Should be good to go after that.
  3. Cajun_

    Foam cannon

    i use rinse less wash heavily diluted as a pre wash, pulls everything off the paint and breaks it up ( lots of industrial dust where I am.) Rinse that off then use a bug cleaner then foam everything and keep foaming while i work on sections with the handmitt and high lube shampoo. Foam prevents...
  4. Cajun_

    Tail light tint?

  5. Cajun_

    Tail light tint?

    i hate everyone who does this.
  6. Cajun_

    Lockable Gas Cap?

    lock the truck, the fuel door wont open
  7. Cajun_

    Polishing Diamond Black Crystal

    my detailer used koch chemie yellow with the yellow pads
  8. Cajun_

    I Know Zero About Paint Protection and Need It and Help Getting It

    Find a xpel ppf installer with high ratings. idk how close you are to Chicago auto pros but they are top of the top up there. Have them fill the chips and do a paint correction. Don't bother with any ceramic coatings that last longer than a year. PPF should last for 12ish years and self heals. I...
  9. Cajun_

    6" Grill lights for Limited?

    doesnt exist. you will need to stick with the hidden lightbar or make your own solution.
  10. Cajun_

    how often is everyone changing oil

    we do that as a joke.
  11. Cajun_

    how often is everyone changing oil

    you can add the records yourself to carfax if you think it matters in terms of value.
  12. Cajun_

    Can the hemi run on e15?

    Hello stupid electrical engineer here. Can Smart other engineer explain pinging. Thank you :unsure:
  13. Cajun_

    0% Financing

    They try and sell you the extended warranty twice as hard
  14. Cajun_

    Seatbelt Chime Disabled also stops Auto Start/Stop

    same but it I don't like the truck dinging me when I'm driving around the property.
  15. Cajun_

    Wrap/Coating vs Bra

    Their 3-1 ceramic wax is actually very good
  16. Cajun_

    2019 Limited 'Leather' cleaning

    I tend to avoid leather cleaners unless i absolutely have to. An Interior APC sprayed onto a damp microfiber is all ive every needed besides where i rest my elbow on the window sill. Ive been using the chemical guys stuff since i like the smell of it. It a yellow liquid.
  17. Cajun_

    Seatbelt Chime Disabled also stops Auto Start/Stop

    got to do the seatbelt and start button dance. start with seatbelt on and truck off. press start button with foot off brake twice to run position, unbuckle and buckle your seatbelt 3 times. foot on brake and press start button then turn the truck off. That should do it. If it doesn't then I...
  18. Cajun_

    Can't decide on exhaust Borla S-Type or Awe 0fg for the 5.7L

    Anyone in south east louisiana welcome to hear my awe in person.
  19. Cajun_

    Wrap/Coating vs Bra

    Best way to prevent wax buildup is to avoid using waxes. Anyone installing PPF should offer a coating be it graphene, ceramic or polymer sealant. They are all better than waxes for daily drivers. Loads of options for diy as well. Griots 3-1 ceramic is highly regarded and seems to work really...