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  1. BT22RAM

    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    The dealer was finally able to replicate the noise and determined it was the ANC after all. They found a TSB for an update to the ANC software as well as a transmission update. I have driven about 2000 miles since the update and the truck drives amazing with no more issues. Mine sounded like an...
  2. BT22RAM

    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    My dealer said they tested the ANC and that is not what is causing my problem? I am not sure what they tested since they couldn’t reproduce the problem. I am also feeling a back and forth reviving when holding at 15-1800 rpms. It feels very choppy and like there is something wrong with the...
  3. BT22RAM

    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    I have a 2019 Bighorn hemi w/o etorque and have had a similar issue for the last few thousand miles. I now have 5800 miles on the truck and it has been to the dealer twice for a week at a time. They have been unable to duplicate the issue because it is intermittent. It sounds like a loud exhaust...