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    Exhaust Tips

    I've always had luck with WD-40 and a soft rag, it removes tar and other grime, shines it up, and leaves a protective film.
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    Travel trailer towing with a half ton

    My quad cab hemi 4x4 with option group 2 had 1811 on the door sticker.
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    Wheel pulls to the right at slow speeds. Ideas??

    A sticking brake caliper can cause the pulling. Feel your wheels after a drive and if one is unusually hot it is a sure sign of a brake dragging.
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    Windshield wiper replacement?

    I ran them on my 2019 and they fit fine.
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    Tried to use Ram app. Is this a bunch of BS?

    I took delivery of a 2024 Ram 2500 last week. It took 2 salesman and a manager over 90 minutes to get the Ram app registered and working, including several phone calls, password requests, and who knows what else, and like others said, it's neat and all but I will probably rarely use it. The...
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    Who Loves Patriot Blue ?

    Not a 1500 but my new one is Patriot Blue
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    Traded the 2019 in

    Well after 5 years I traded in my 2019 Bighorn for a 2024 Ram 2500 Bighorn. I ordered the 2024 on Nov 6, took delivery March 7, so it took 4 months. When I ordered my 2019 1500 it only took 6 weeks. I had a 2013 2500 prior to the 2019 1500, and always kind of missed it. I will say in 5 years, I...
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    Excited Future Ram HD Owner; Custom Order Wait Time Question?

    Welcome! I ordered a Ram 2500 Bighorn on Nov 6, 2023 , it was built Jan 12, shipped Jan 15, but I am still waiting. The estimated delivery date on the tracker moves from early to late March, today it says March 14. Ram should email you with the link to sign up for the vehicle tracker, then you...
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    Septic System Advice?

    I don't know if they exist in Florida but here in PA they have sand mound systems, which have a raised mound about 3 feet with the drain field pipes in there, then about a foot of topsoil above everything. In my county just about all newer homes have them, you usually need at least a 10 acre lot...
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    Chrome clad 20” wheel tire change

    I had a Ram 2500 with 18" chrome clads and when I got new tires they didn't even put a mark on any of them. Most tire shops know how to deal with them.
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    Hi from Michigan w/ 2020 Bighorn

    That is more than just a Bighorn, it looks like a "Built to Serve" edition. Nice truck!
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    Try some white grease on the tailgate latches.
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    Squeaking noise 2021 Limited

    Try lubing the door latches.
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    Wheel Lock Replacement

    The dealer lost the wheel lock key on our Grand Cherokee a few years ago and said they had a master key to remove them- they were Mopar locks. I was taking it in to get the locks removed and replaced with new ones, and the tech suddenly found our missing key. I would check with the dealer before...
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    2022 Hemi Stalling, non hybrid model

    I had a similar experience years ago and it turned out the gas was full of water, I bought a bad tank of gas and it acted like what you describe.
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    Corrosion on hood

    It has to be perforation through a panel to count any corrosion for warranty, at least that is what I was told years ago.
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    Replace tow hook bezel

    That should do it. I installed tow hooks myself on my truck and the bezels replaced the grill-type inserts the truck came with. Take off the lower front of the wheelhouse liner for easier access. I believe there are 2 nuts and 2 push on type clips holding the bezels on.
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    Windshield wiper replacement?

    Bosch Icons, nothing else.
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    Have you ever since this a RAM?

    I would be prepared to find some kind of damage under them. They might have been used as a quick cover up for a scrape or something.
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    Limited leather seat wrinkled after 2 years/70k miles.

    I understand this is a different vehicle than yours, but my wife has a 2013 Grand Cherokee with 66000 miles and the front seats look similar to yours with the wrinkles. I even put leather conditioner on them a few times per year, and it is garage kept so the sun isn't beating on them all day.