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  1. N7GZN

    "Shift to P then Desired Gear" Error

    Have you replaced the pcv valve? The pcv valve would affect the amount of idle air entering the engine when the TB butterfly is fully closed. The pcv is underneath the engine dress cover on the passenger side of the intake.
  2. N7GZN

    HK subwoofer ohm rating

    Another discussion.. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/h-k-audio-upgrade-vast-improvment.20790/
  3. N7GZN

    HK subwoofer ohm rating

    Elsewhere in the forum under Uconnect, there have been two inexpensive "fixes" which can improve HK system bass. Others have found that the ANC system negatively affects the sub and the 6x9 door mid woofers. The fix is to disconnect the ANC microphones via depinning, or using a patch cable. One...
  4. N7GZN

    Truck cap keyless entry tie in

    Look at this post, all the information is here, I just installed a Pop and Lock #9772 on a Snugtop Rebel canopy. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/help-needed-with-camper-shell-power-lock-wiring.17398/
  5. N7GZN

    Headlight Customization (DIY)

    Oracle lights have an accent led upgrade kit for the highline DT Ram 1500's (Longhorn and Limited) https://www.oraclelights.com/collections/2019-2024-ram-products/products/2019-2021-ram-1500-projector
  6. N7GZN

    Door Panel Removal - Tricks or Tools

    Post in thread 'Adding Passive Entry: How-to' Adding Passive Entry: How-to This post has a parts list including the push pin "Christmas Tree" retainers used in the door panels, yellow and white.
  7. N7GZN

    Help needed with camper shell power lock wiring.

    I just installed the Pop & Lock PL9772. The lock motor easily installs on the center handle / lock cylinder. I routed the canopy wire harness inside the LH cable guide, and fished it from the LH hinge underneath the interior liner to the canopy interconnect jbox. The vehicle harness drops down...
  8. N7GZN

    Adding Passive Entry: How-to

    So reading 56 pages, I come away with the following to add rear door PE. Being a Delmonico Red Longhorn (with chrome insert) I need two handles, the same part number for both sides: 6CV361RVAD. For the rear door handle caps I can order any side and color front door handle cap and harvest the...
  9. N7GZN

    Electronic issues Radio, AC, and Front Power Windows

    It's not only the taillights themselves, but the blind spot proximity sensors as it talks on the canbus. I wonder why the sensors were not designed waterproof, as water in taillights is not an unheard of occurrence.
  10. N7GZN

    7" EVIC Engine Hours Programming

    I think on the AlfaObd website, I read that changing hours on the evic is highly problematic with a wireless dongle; best results are with a usb cable hardwired connection. Might be found under faqs.
  11. N7GZN

    Power Mirror Problems

    The mirror drive gears are plastic, the link below makes brass replacement gears, however the mirror must be taken apart, and the gearbox cut open to access the gears. https://www.gruvenparts.com/2019-ram-metal-power-folding-mirror-gears/
  12. N7GZN

    Hi from 2019 RAM2500 Diesel Limited- love it & hate it

    Do you have the Mopar powered side steps? There is a sequence of events that prevents the truck from going to sleep. Deploy steps manually from uconnect, then have the passenger exit. I have verified this in my Ram, so I make sure if I have a passenger, they exit before deploying the side steps...
  13. N7GZN

    Front Driver’s Side Limited Headlight Halo (?) Not Lighting Up

    Yes, the first step is putting the headlamp in the oven at 250 degrees. I would feel better knowing the led accent lighting was bad which would require a headlamp replacement anyway. Once the first one is done, the other side is a cake walk.
  14. N7GZN

    Front Driver’s Side Limited Headlight Halo (?) Not Lighting Up

    I just discovered an aftermarket LED kit for the TRX, Limited, and Longhorn projector headlights. These offer multiple colors, but the sealed headlight assemblies must be taken apart to replace/upgrade. https://www.oraclelights.com/products/2019-2021-ram-1500-projector
  15. N7GZN

    Console Safe Options

    If I remove the sliding tray the larger safe fits, but I loose the cupholders in the console doing so. I think the trims other than limited and longhorn have the cupholders in the lid.
  16. N7GZN

    Console Safe Options

    A mountain brown console in the Laramie is a rare bird though I have seen one. A black console and transplant the Mountain Brown Longhorn lid if it fits. Next question to iron out is the inclusion of the usb ports, and heated/cooled seat controls into a different trim center console. Having the...
  17. N7GZN

    Console Safe Options

    Makes me think about finding a Laramie console with the same color as the oem Longhorn, to be able to install the larger console safe. I think loosing the sliding tray in the Longhorn and Limited would be an acceptable trade off.
  18. N7GZN

    Front Driver’s Side Limited Headlight Halo (?) Not Lighting Up

    Unfortunately I think the issue is the led strip inside the headlight. They are a sealed unit so the only option is to replace the headlight. One note, the midline trim headlights used on Laramie do have aftermarket led replacements, but the disassembly is not a trivial process. For our highline...
  19. N7GZN

    Bed Stake Pocket Covers

    How about Bull Ring retractable tie downs? Bull Ring #5068 is the flush fit gunmetal grey variant.
  20. N7GZN

    My new to me 2022 Ram 1500 Limited

    I almost forgot, to use AlfaObd, one needs a security gateway module bypass, I use the Chrysler 12+8 patch cable which is temporary, there are other wire harness options that can be left in place permanently, its all in the forum.