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  1. oe542bob

    Whats this part is called

    For $90k you can get a 2025 Tungsten! No filler panel. Just wondering if the Tungsten front bumper panel could be fitted on to trucks with the filler panel.
  2. oe542bob

    Tungsten Re-Opened!

    Thanks for the reply. On my previous deal out of state, I did have to borrow some which was taken care of through the selling dealer. Probably why they wanted the taxes/registration/tags prepaid.
  3. oe542bob

    Tungsten Re-Opened!

    Anthony, quick question, Forged Blue you are saying it won’t be available till next year, right? I’m in PA. Will I be able to take care of the registration and sales taxes myself, or does it have to be paid through the sale at the dealership? ( I just went through this and had to wait 2 months...
  4. oe542bob

    New Ram New Forum New Friends

    Welcome from PA.
  5. oe542bob

    1500 with Rambox and Retrax Pro XR. Which Cross Bar?

    Yea ok. Can’t help ya on the crossbar thing since I don’t have the same rails. They weren’t made that way before, but I looked it up and yea, they now come with the slots. My rails don’t have the slots.
  6. oe542bob

    1500 with Rambox and Retrax Pro XR. Which Cross Bar?

    That’s odd. I have a Retrax Power Pro on my ‘22 with Ramboxes and when I did this a year and 1/2 ago, the Rambox did not allow the use of the T-slots. Or are you talking about the rails inside the box?
  7. oe542bob

    Bed comparison 2024 to 2025

    I was wondering the same thing. I do have the 5.7’ Rambox with a Retrax cover. Good to know that I’ll be able to swap it over “if” Ram ever builds the Tungsten models!
  8. oe542bob

    What Do the Trailer Brake Settings Actually Do?

    Today I took my box trailer to the manufacturer in PA. It’s a Low Hauler Haulmark that has a box length of 18’. Overall length is around 23’. During the trip of 50 miles each way, I saw the “trailer icon” show 3 different lengths. Check out the pics.
  9. oe542bob

    What Do the Trailer Brake Settings Actually Do?

    I don’t have the trailer back up option.
  10. oe542bob

    What Do the Trailer Brake Settings Actually Do?

    Rick3478, I rarely use my dump or box trailers, but yesterday I needed to use my dump trailer. (5’X10’- 5000# single axle with electric brakes) After I connected it up, I noticed it had a trailer icon in yellow showing it was 30’. Also came up with something about the blind spot detection. Then...
  11. oe542bob

    FOB didn’t recognize truck

    Hi all. I have a 2022 Limited Longhorn with a bit over 15,000 miles. Etorque with the 5.7. Ordered new, and I have had it 16 months now. Today I had some errands to do. I went to my 1st stop. When I came out of the store and walked up to the truck, the door stayed locked. I immediately checked...
  12. oe542bob

    New Ram 1500 with super LOW battery voltage?

    Island1, did you have the little engine icon lit when the truck shut down?
  13. oe542bob

    AMP PowerSteps: Missing Relocation Bracket?

    I didn’t know that Amp was owned by RealTruck. It’s been a few years since I dealt with them. Researching shows Lund international acquired them and now RealTruck owns Lund. Also saw they built a new manufacturing plant in California. Great product.
  14. oe542bob

    AMP PowerSteps: Missing Relocation Bracket?

    Hope it goes well. It took me about 4-5 hours to install on my previous 2018 Ram 2500. I was gonna suggest calling AMP directly, but you were reaching out to RealTruck first. When I had AMP steps and had any question/problem, I would call AMP. Always provided positive help. I don’t have AMP...
  15. oe542bob

    2020 1500 DT Hood Corrosion??

    This corrosion is a big thing on the Grand Cherokee. On our 2018 the hood was replaced and painted all on FCA dime.
  16. oe542bob

    Color choices

    Did you see the “forged blue” kinda of a grayish blue
  17. oe542bob

    New Discovery

    Have to try this on my 2022
  18. oe542bob

    Canadian UConnect 5 to US

    I can’t answer your question but if this is a Canadian truck, you won’t have any US warranty.
  19. oe542bob

    Power Steps

    Maybe just needs the drive motor replaced. First I would check the plug under the truck to make sure it’s not damaged. If you don’t see anything obvious and plugging it back in doesn’t work, then get a replacement drive motor. I am assuming that your warranty is expired? Could also have your...