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  1. Black2019laramie

    Auto-dimming Passenger Side Mirror

    Any other info found on this or no?!? I’m wanting to do this as well!! Thanks
  2. Black2019laramie

    Dealers in NJ

    Flemington dodge talk to John purchased 2 vehicles from him my wife’s 15 Durango and my 19 ram 1500 def take care of you!
  3. Black2019laramie

    Trip to the dealer already

    Well I’ll be dropping it off Monday after work for this and the noise coming from the front end when turning and moving slowly. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ I’ll keep you posted.
  4. Black2019laramie

    Hello from Bucks county PA

    I was thinking of maybe seeing if someone would like to set up a tri state meet one weekend!! Maybe a nice drive somewhere. Just food for thought maybe a site mod can set up a tab or group that people from certain areas can possibly set something up?
  5. Black2019laramie

    Gas pump spills

    What do you mean by ground?! Not understanding. :/
  6. Black2019laramie

    Gas pump spills

    So it’s funny I see this as I was at Costco today with the wife to fill up the truck and as I was standing outside the pump didn’t shut off and about a half gallon ended up on the floor. And it’s like it was spitting fuel out of the tank... thought maybe problem with the pump, but now seeing...