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    Center console leather/vinyl damage repair

    I'm not entirely sure what happened here but does anyone know of some product I can use to touch up the color so it's not an eyesore and protect the rest of the console?
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    Known Issue - Backup Camera System Unavailable

    Went out this morning to head into work and all of the cameras work! Air suspension message was still there. About a quarter mile down the road the message disappeared. Hopefully it's not there when I head home. Thanks for the advice. First step on instructions was to disconnect negative...
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    Known Issue - Backup Camera System Unavailable

    I'll check in the morning. Any idea if the service air suspension message will go away as well? Showed up at the same time and seems to work fine but message remains. Hoping it's in the same ballpark.
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    Known Issue - Backup Camera System Unavailable

    I just installed the same S&B CAI today as well and have this issue. What ended up being the fix?