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    Roof Mounted LED Light Bar Install - Ram Rebel 2019 5th gen

    Hey, great looking install! Question.... how did you remove those roof trim rails to expose that gutter so you could mount the brackets? I just had a custom roof rack made for my 2019 Ram and I need to remove those trim rails to install them and cant find anywhere with details on how to do that...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    You do not have to trade in the vehicle to get the conquest cash. All they need is a copy of the registration that shows the other truck is in your name. I had a Chevy (did not sell since its a work truck, the Chevy was actually registered in name of my company), and just gave copy of...
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    3.92 rear end availability

    Interesting, I realized the other night that could not be right, when I saw others posting their payload and wondered why mine was at the very top end for that model and when looking at 4x4 with short bed, it did not go that high on towing. Before buying the truck, I asked dealer to send me...
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    3.92 rear end availability

    It is 4x4, I added that to my sig
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    3.92 rear end availability

    I found a Laramie CC with all the nice options I wanted, including folding power mirrors and the 3.92 gears and it did not have the stuff I didn't care about, like sunroof and few other things. Ended up with 1840 payload and 11,340 towing. Was also lucky to find the perfect interior, it was the...