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    Free American Flag Panoramic Sunroof decal

    In dedication to a friend and fellow co-worker : EOW MAY 1, 2017 So much respect.
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    Alpine speaker option reviews???

    I tried to have TSB (mine was built 6/18) but both dealer and RAM are telling me my VIN does not show that TSB available. No records that it was done prior to me picking it up either so I don't know. I do know the Alpine sounds great.
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    Alpine speaker option reviews???

    IMO the Alpine sounds better than the B&O in the Fords, the Bose in GMC, Meridian in the Rovers, Revel in the Navigators, and definitely better than the HK in my truck. If you were thinking about upgrading anyway, I'd probably save the cash on the Alpine option though.
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    Leather seats not so leather??

    That's what I said. They have to acknowledge they sent out a bad batch of leather.
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    Leather seats not so leather??

    Hey do a search of "flaking" and "frost/indigo". You should see a few threads where a few of us were having the same problem. Mine is also a 6/18 build and I had it on front passenger and rear driver side and both rear headrests. Dealer got all of my covers replaced once RamCares jumped in...
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    Picked up Limited off lot with mold - need thoughts

    I don't know what the law is in your state governing the sale of goods nor do I know of any federal laws on point, but a molded interior poses a health risk and it seems that mold (or lack thereof) would be a "material condition" when purchasing a **new** automobile. Not to mention the general...
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    Are there ANY conditional offers this month for purchases?

    I found a limited 18k off MSRP. 2k of that was conditioned on financing through FCA.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I got a buyer order emailed from Behlmann Ram in Troy, MO for a Limited w/ level 1 equipment group. MSRP was 68k and buyer order was at 49k. Only conditional portion of that was $2,000 for financing through FCA. I tried to sneak in a quick trade on my truck (19 Limited) while MMR was still...
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    Ivory/ Indigo, interior owners beware!

    Mine only showed wear on passenger seat at the outer hip bolster and side bolster. It was more of just a few nicks in the leather but I had them replaced before they got worse. Back seat started doing the same. I really think the leather just came off as a result of weekly cleaning. I'm...
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    Ivory/ Indigo, interior owners beware!

    Oops. My build date was June 2018.
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    Ivory/ Indigo, interior owners beware!

    I had my front seats replaced several months back. The new ones have been holding up so far with the only issue is trying to clean the little pores (not vent holes) in the leather. My original covers felt more like unfinished leather than the type you usually see in vehicles. The new covers...
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    Best locations for Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

    I have painted bumpers and my front bumper was looking pretty rough but I just hit it with a paint pen after washing and it blends back in. Now every time I wash it I just look for any new chips and if I find any I just touch them up. It sounds like some of you guys are having bigger problems.
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    3.21 on Rebel?

    Man I'd think the bigger tires and higher ground clearance would hurt the mileage too. I suppose you could always grab a big Horn or Laramie and add the off road look but I bet you still lose mpgs.
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    Gas mileage v8 without Etorque..... 4wd

    What I can't get over regarding the overall mpg is how easily it is affected (even after 14k miles) by sitting still 5 minutes or driving 20 miles at 55mph. Anybody know how it is calculated? There's no way driving 20 miles at 55mph should affect the overall by almost a whole mpg.
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    Subwoofer in Harmon Kardon

    Not entirely on point, but my rear driver door speaker rattles or maybe sounds blown, but it only happens at certain frequencies. It's somewhere in the middle of that speaker's range. Maybe the sub is doing the same?
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    Gas mileage v8 without Etorque..... 4wd

    I hover around 19mpg average in a limited with Hemi no etorque, and 3.21 gears. I should have taken a picture, but we just drove from Southeast Missouri to southern Colorado and back. I think we averaged right at 19.5 overall. I've noticed my mpg is best (22ish) between 55-65mph. I have 14k...
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    Indigo Frost Interior - Would you do it again?

    That interior combination was the deciding factor for me on a limited vs other trims. I'd do it again for sure. I did have an issue with my first set of covers where the leather was flaking, but have not had an issue since they replaced them.
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    Anyone having issues with stitching coming loose?

    I had a blemish on my dash and also had top coat on my leather seats flaking off. I was advised not warranty because cosmetic, but RAM still covered it through RamCares customer assistance. We are talking both front seats, entire back seat, and a whole new dash. I really hope they find a...
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    Chips in Limited Grille

    I have the same problem. Dealer offered to fix under warranty. I don't see a point since it'll just happen again. I'm going to use touch up paint.
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    Help Deciding, Ordering new Ram tomorrow.

    I believe the anti-slip is automatic. It detects wheel slip and adjusts. I'm not sure if you can force it to lock the back by pressing on the brake and throttle at the same time. I can say that from prior experiences the lockers are useless unless you know you will need it for the road ahead...