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    Which size headers?

    I’m looking at Kooks headers and they offer 1 3/4” and 1 7/8” options. Truck is stock really except for some Borla cat back exhaust. I’m wanting to add headers and a tune. I mainly drive in town and highway but I do tow a 4 seat rzr. When towing it’s usually for a couple hours or will be out of...
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    Random Blower Motor Noise

    Really sounds like the fresh air intake blend door since the loudness of the air is dependent on vehicle speed. Driving at 70 it’s very noticeable driving 40-45 you can hear it but it’s not as loud of a whooshing sound when it closes back up.
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    Random Blower Motor Noise

    Would love for a fix for this to happen. I’ve had mine in several times for this issue and is at the dealer right now for it again.
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    Random Blower Motor Noise

    I’ve had mine at the dealership for weeks now, one for a transmission issue and the other for this blend door issue. Transmission has been replaced and they can’t figure out the blend door issue It has been reprogrammed at least three times and always comes back with the same issue. I don’t...
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    Air conditioning tolerance?

    Ok so I have a question about the pressure out of the vents, not fan speed. When you all put the air conditioning on Max ac does it increase pressure at all. I can go from ac to Max ac and there is no change but when I put it in Auto mode it will close a blend door and increase the air pressure...
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    Vehicle user guide

    So you still have this option? After I got the update it completely disappeared and has been replaced. Also my phone now only connects through Android Auto and not directly to Uconnect like before.
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    Vehicle user guide

    Ok I did a search and I didn't find anything so, the problem I have is when I touch vehicle user guide it trys to access and then says vehicle content is not available and to try again later. If I understand right this function doesn't require activation of any other services. Has anyone else...
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    USB issues

    I seem to have a similar issue. I leave my iPod plugged in all the time but when I have had the truck off for more than a few minutes seems like I have to unplug and replug the USB back in so it will reconnect. It won't reconnect until I have unplugged it completely.