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    Where to Buy Grand Wagoneer

    It appears that Mark Dodge is the go-to for a rock bottom, custom 1500 order. Who is the equivalent dealership if I wanted to order a Grand Wagoneer? Post
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    A/C Performance

    I'm always amazed how people change trucks like they do underwear. Hehe.
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    Air conditioning performance

    Any properly functioning AC should be able to hit the green.
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    How to Get the Best Price on Your New Ram

    If they accept the particular credit card, they have to let you use it or risk having their privileges revoked by the credit card company.
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    Rumors of inline Turbo 6 Gas engine

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    TSB #24-001-20 A/C Fix. Has anyone had it done yet? Plus are you happy with the results?

    Adjust your home thermostat up or down 6 degrees and let me know if it makes a huge difference.
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    Confirmed: Ram 1500 Electric Pickup Coming in 2024

    This is clearly in response to Ford's Lightning. Ram is a little behind the curve in this respect and I bet felt the need to put this out there and at least be part of the conversation.
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    Air Conditioning Fix

    All other vehicles on the road put out air approximately ten degrees cooler. You're lucky, unfortunately for me, 52 degrees can't cool the cabin to my liking.
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    A/C Performance

    Wow! Sounds like he earned that negative review. I'd dock him again for this fact alone. "They fixed the problem, but berated me in the process."
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    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    Are you saying the frost is light gray and the sea salt is light tan?
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    A/C Performance

    I feel like the best "fix" would be wiring an inline valve to engage when max ac is selected. Wonder why Ram didn't go that route. I feel it would have been much cheaper and possibly a better fix.
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    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    And IMO it's a knock-off of the F-150 Limited colors.
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    Exploding panoramic sunroof

    Was your sunroof tinted?
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    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    Bummed they went with the lighter interior for this edition.
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    Indigo/frost interior feedback?

    Cousin had indigo frost and the dye from his pants constantly stained the frost darker. He did keep wipes in the truck though and they easily removed the stains.
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    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    Disagree. I'm a fan of Ram because they currently build the best truck on the market. We should welcome competition and comparisons against other truck manufacturers because it will push Ram to stay on top and keep everyone informed of available alternatives. But don't be fooled, if Ford or...
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    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    Their "spec" wasn't 45 degrees - it was much higher. If it was 45 degrees, this whole thing would be a non-issue. And the nature and extent of the TSB shows it was a real, serious problem. You don't do that expensive and invasive of a job for only a few problem trucks, much less turnaround and...
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    A/C Performance

    Simply amazed that the flawed AC design slipped past all their design engineers. How did it not come up in testing? You would think vent temps would be the first thing they check. Glad they are doing the right thing though.
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    Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Coming For The 2022 Ram 1500:

    But for the quilted leather and suede headliner, aren't all the other options already available on the Limited?