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    Running Boards/Step Rails for the 2019s

    @BlackBettyRamJam I'm going to put these on my Rebel when it comes in. You like them?
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Haven't gone through all 58 pages of this thread, but several pages. I have a Rebel 12 on order and tentatively agreed to 6K off MSRP (61K) - including present rebate. After reading through several pages of what folks are getting off MSRP, I feel like I have some room to better the deal - unless...
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    Tow mirrors - are you kidding me? I'm so pissed...

    Yeah - and when reading the Equipment 2 group, it says the tow mirrors don't have the heat. This can actually be a show stopper for me as I use it 10 months of the year in the tropics with the humidity/dew every morning.
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    Tow mirrors - are you kidding me? I'm so pissed...

    I just looked at the options a little closer. As near as I can tell, the level 2 equipment group says "Pwr Heated Mirrors w/Fold-Away N/A w/Towing Mirrors". I will be extremely disappointed if they are not heated. My 2017 Laramie has tow mirrors and they are heated. What's the difference with...
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    Some Towing Help, Please...

    Thanks Man - I appreciate the responses. Looks like I'll be trading the Rebel I haven't got yet, in a year or so. :(
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    Some Towing Help, Please...

    Thanks - No, I wouldn't ask the RV dealership - they'd be biased for sure. ;) 2019 Rebel 4x4, Hemi, 5'7"bed. Says it has a 1930 lb payload capacity. With a couple hundred pounds for the hitch, I am getting close. Just wondering if it would be "too close" for the payload and towing capacity. I...
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    Some Towing Help, Please...

    Devildodge, 2019 Rebel 4x4 with non e-torque hemi and air suspension on order. Looking at a 5th wheel shortly after. Model I'm interested...
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    My Truck Ordering Experience (10/15/2018 - 12/06/2018)

    My truck as well - minus the roof and box, but had to have the tow pkg.
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    Ordered the Rebel 12

    Son has the silver and black - very sharp. Ordered my 12 on the 20th - time will tell on delivery.
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    Rebel 12

    Ordered mine from the dealer on 10/20. Not sure when they placed it.
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    Running Boards/Step Rails for the 2019s

    You like them? I picked these out as the ones I want to go with on my Rebel. Was wondering if the limited step area was an issue. I love the looks of them.