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  1. Buz

    Flapping/rattle back of cabin 2019 Ram

    Could be the two air vents on the back cabin wall. Maybe your topper is disrupting the airflow between bed and cabin.
  2. Buz

    Software update

    Please post the link if you find out how to do this.
  3. Buz

    Software update

    I got the same update today. When I started the truck after the update it asked if I wanted to see what was new. When I clicked on yes it took me to a blank screen. Can’t find anything anywhere to explain what the update actually did.
  4. Buz

    Finally got my first update on my 2020 Limited today.

    Bought new in 2020 and this is the first time it’s ever updated. Truck notified me when I shut it down. Took about 30 minutes or so to complete. Does anyone know what it changed/updated?
  5. Buz

    Brown Sludge on Coolant Dipstick?

    Because I like to keep my overflow resivior filled to max. The level was probably in between when I checked, which I’m sure ram does from the factory. Anyway I’m fully prepared to pay for the flush. At this point I’m just hoping this thread prevents others from doing it.
  6. Buz

    Brown Sludge on Coolant Dipstick?

    Thank you. I was afraid of that. Pretty sure I dumped a bit of 'standard' coolant in there last year just to top it off. They really should have a something clearly marked on the cap of the coolant reservoir warning of that. I'm going to bite the bullet and take it in for a flush. Not...
  7. Buz

    Brown Sludge on Coolant Dipstick?

    Pulled my coolant dipstick out yesterday and noticed a brown sludge on the lower part of the stick. (5.7 hemi) Almost like a dark applesauce consistency. Engine has only 16k miles. I may have topped off the tank last year, honestly can't remember, with a standard Prestone coolant. Thinking...
  8. Buz

    Want to Upgrade Harman Kardon System Bass Easiest Way?

    Can you clarify the change this had on the overall sound of the HK system? To me the last thing the HK system needs is more boom. The stock sub is WAY too boomy to where i had to have the bass on -6 to even get close to a balanced sound. Are you saying the stock sub wasn't boomy enough for you...
  9. Buz

    Wiper Blade Options

    Yep, I'm still on the original set of blades that are now over 2 years old. I will most definitely be replacing with an OEM set, even if they are $40. Worth it.
  10. Buz

    Windshield Washer Fluid Low Flow/Pressure

    Ended up taking mine to the dealer. Their report said both spray nozzles were 'leaking' and they replaced them. They spray great now.
  11. Buz

    Rear window leaking now what?

    I believe hydrogen peroxide cleans those stains pretty well. Do a search, but I seem to remember a soaked rag of peroxide and just wipe the whole area until it's wet. Not kidding, but do a little research first.
  12. Buz

    Droning/Sub Woofer Noise

    Here's my thread from two years ago. You're welcome. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/what-is-this-intermittent-booming-noise-coming-from-the-back.26034/
  13. Buz

    Windshield Washer Fluid Low Flow/Pressure

    I ran my washer fluid tank dry and now after refilling the spray barely makes it over the resting wiper blades. Think the pump filter sucked up debris. Anyone know an easy way to access the pump on a 2020? I’d rather do it myself than take to a dealer.
  14. Buz

    2016 ram classic limited Air suspension not lowering from the fob. It was working before

    Correct. The first double tap doesn't usually work. I have to repeat the double tap to get it to drop most of the time.
  15. Buz

    2016 ram classic limited Air suspension not lowering from the fob. It was working before

    My 2020 doesn't work sometimes unless I 'double tap' the button two times in row. Try repeated attempts with the button.
  16. Buz

    5.7 with 3.21 Rear Axle in 2021 Limited Gas Mileage ?

    As @jl13 pointed out, 10.5 is not too far off normal if you do lots of short trips that don't allow your engine and all it's components/fluids to come up to full operating temperature. An engine is LEAST efficient when it's 'cold'. When your oil is up to 215 degrees and your transmission fluid...
  17. Buz

    Air Ride Suspension Links Measurements

    I saved my original links and they're labeled front and rear. I can measure the rears later today if you want.
  18. Buz

    I want to lower my ORG air suspension to ride at normal air suspension levels.

    I think you're not going to be able to achieve what you want without major modifications. Your air shocks are designed for optimum comfort when your truck is set at 'normal'. Any change you make to the height of the truck away from 'normal' height is going to adversely affect ride quality. You...
  19. Buz

    I want to lower my ORG air suspension to ride at normal air suspension levels.

    Look into airlinks. A set for all four corners shouldn't cost much more than $100.
  20. Buz

    Outside Temperature Sensor

    Worst outside temp gauge I've ever had on a vehicle. It's only accurate at night or super cloudy days. Putting a temp sensor inside a closed housing that the sun heats up is just utterly, utterly dumb. It needs to be somewhere near the front of the vehicle and exposed so that the minute you...