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    My Bed CRACKED!

    Just curious, was there anything in the bed when it happened?
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    BDS ball joint gives way... What a mess.

    Well now I’m second guessing installing the UCAs sitting in my garage 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    UCA Thread

    I went with BDS after having uniball UCAs on previous trucks. They were no doubt strong but always squeaked like crazy... little much for a daily driver. As for strength, I’ve known little to have issues with any uniball or bds. Here is a link that is very informative about UCAs and choosing them.
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    Shifts and Grins Fabrication 2019 Rebel Build Thread

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the final product. Hard to tell from the photos but are the rail slanted on the truck or horizontal?
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    Airlift 1000 setup for off road

    I tow a 7,000 lb. TT but have been wanting to do a king mid travel setup. These two things don’t easily go together. I have run the airlift 1000s before and loved the setup but I was worried about the bags dropping and being damaged when the suspension droops down while offroad. This puts me in...
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    BDS 6" DSC coilovers w/BDS UCA

    Truck looks great! I know fox made some videos about adjusting the DSCs. I would give those a look if you haven’t already.
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    2020 Rebel - Stock Rear Shocks - Missing Remote Res!!!???

    I was upset to find I had a 2021 with non resi shocks. Definitely an early model change. Not too upset since I’ll be putting my kings on this weekend!
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    Make Your Own TRX!

    While tall lift kits are great for the mall and plowing through mud, a 6 inch lift lift would mess with stability for high speed off road. You could probably squeeze 37s on with a 3” and fiberglass. Regardless, to each his own and I’m also excited to see the results. Will you be upgrading the...
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    BDS ball joint gives way... What a mess.

    The failure, if caused by the upper ball joint, might be a random failure which any company can have. Had a conversation with RamRebelSteel and he beats his BDS UCAs up pretty good and has not had an issue. He has also been airborne more than once. I included a link to one of his videos.
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    Real world MPGs / What are you averaging?

    With my eco diesel I was averaging 25 summer and 23 winter with 3.92s. Moved on to a ram rebel with the hemp and now I’m at a solid 13. With the diesel, cetane booster definitely made a noticeable difference in both power and fuel economy.
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    Thinking about getting a Ram for increased towing stability

    I tow a 32 foot with 3.92s and a wdh. It works out great but my haul rating is around 1600 vs you 1400. If you limit your options you could get more hauling. Airlift 1000s definitely help.
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    Bolt-on long / mid travel

    Carli should have their set up out soon. Dirt King said they are releasing a kit in 6-12 months! I don’t think the trx suspension would be a direct swap due to them moving everything forward for better approach angle. If they kept the same mounting locations but just moved them forward, it might...
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    BDS ball joint gives way... What a mess.

    Just ordered my bds uca to go with my kings and now I’m worried. Did you ever figure out what fail first and why? Curious, did you hit a pothole while sliding sideways? That, couple with the leverage of the tire, would put a lot of shear stress on the upper ball joint.