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    Interior lights?

    I think the early rebel 2019 have it, but not the 2020. I was a little bit surprised and somewhat disappointed to find out that my 2020 rebel 12 didn’t have it.
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    Rebel deployable bed step

    Is there a contraindications to having it mounted to where it normally goes? My truck with MFT didn’t came with one so, I bought and installed one...
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    Big bang on passenger front tire??

    I have one. Took it to my dealership and they said they can’t replicate‍♂️... I’m not happy.
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    My truck is finally fixed! Test drove it yesterday at night... dash says it’s enabled. And it works just as it should be.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    My 2020 was MSRP $62200 I got it for 51500 I pulled the trigger. I’m happy I did.
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    No reset... it’s a pain in the a**... good luck. Mine is not fixed... sat in the dealer for 5 days... couldn’t fix it... I took it back because I was going on a trip... now they tell me to bring it back in December when darkness is longer ‍So they can really work on it... I don’t know... might...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    No way! I say look elsewhere... I’d look at Larry Miller Dodge Boise and if you find something, let me know. I can give you my salesman’s name. He got me some good deals... I.e. 2020 longhorn... MSRP 68410... he was willing to give it for $56500... went with the Rebel 12 instead...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    By in itself without the trade is 48k? With 5500 miles? I think that’s still pretty high for a used rebel... maybe others came chime in on this... unless the Rebel has higher value than other trims...
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    “2020” Price Negotiated From MSRP

    What location and dealership please.
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    Gas Milage Report

    I just filled my truck for the first time. 26 gallons.. trip computer says I avg 15mpg. Hand calculated it this morning and its at 16.1 mpg that’s with 438miles to date. I’m happy with it... I was so close on buying a 2020 tundra before this Rebel... glad I didn’t.
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    That could be why our Rebel’s auto-high beam is not working because it’s not programmed right?
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    Yup, it says on my monrony Automatic high beam control...
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    My Ram is SO MUCH more enjoyable to drive now!

    Throttle delay killer... JMS PEDALMAX
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    Horrible resale value? Lost $16k in 30 days.

    Bought by Rebel 12 less than a month ago. MSRP $62140 went to refinance it yesterday... the book value was 48000. I was very surprised!! glad I only paid 51500 for it. so I essentially lost 3500 plus tax , title and fees. I'm Glad ill be keeping TROY (name of my new rebel) for a while. Love TROY...
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    “2020” Price Negotiated From MSRP

    I did, but they weren’t able to compete with these guys for their 2020’s plus they have limited stock on 2020 Rebel...
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    Automatic high beams and Automatic rain wipers.

    I have the same issue... my 2020 Rebel 12 going back there Thursday evening so they drive it and confirm...‍♂️
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I’ll take the longhorn any day... that’s just me though. I love the longhorn style
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    well.. you can make it as... MSRP including Destination charge: Rebates: Dealer Discounts: TTL is not hard really...