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  1. ABEZ20K

    Truck tent for bed/cabin air mattress

    looking to get rid of one of these. used twice. I got a RTT for use with a bed rack so i no longer need this one. $100 if anyone wants it .." Napier truck tent"
  2. ABEZ20K

    Another BodyArmor 4x4 Ambush series bumper on BTS

    Absolutely no issues installing. Once I had the small parts sorted the instructions are pretty clear on what goes where. the parking sensors were easy. I was really worried about installing them exactly the same as they came out of the old bumper and I had no problems reinstalling them as they...
  3. ABEZ20K

    Another BodyArmor 4x4 Ambush series bumper on BTS

    it wont take the original LED fog lights. The OEM housing is part of the fog lights. there are mounting points in the bumper for cubes
  4. ABEZ20K

    Another BodyArmor 4x4 Ambush series bumper on BTS

    Hi. Just wanted to show off my new off-road bumper setup. I was looking for something reasonably priced and that still looked good. I considered the ADD stealth but found it hard to justify $2200+ when this similarly styled bumper was going for around $700. So I went with the BA4x4 ambush. It...
  5. ABEZ20K

    Body Armor Ambush on BTS

    Looks great!! excellent Choice. love the Gator. I too have a BTS in Ceramic Gray and installed the Body armor bumper last week on my truck. It is an easy install and fit perfectly. It is an excellent alternative to the ADD stealth at a fraction of the price. i was able to get mine around $700...
  6. ABEZ20K

    Noise after Level Kit

    I just lifted my truck 6" with an RC kit. And after about 400 miles had the same problem. Clunking during a slow brake to stop. Took it to the installer and it took him 2 hrs to locate the source and it was infact nuts inside the crossmember that needed re-tightening. It is true that after...
  7. ABEZ20K

    Post pics of your Ram!

    2020 Ram 1500 "BTS" 6" Rough country extended strut kit 20x10 -18 XD855 luxe 37x13.50x20 venom power hunter Terra XT