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  1. RockJock

    Start of 2023 Production

    Several things that were standard on the Limited for 2022 are now part of Limited Level 1 for 2023 (bedliner, box lighting, wireless charging)
  2. RockJock

    Start of 2023 Production

    @triple_B I have a ? next to status and ETA in the tracker sheet. Did I submit something wrong?
  3. RockJock

    Heated Steering Wheel Temp

    I've had the same thoughts before that maybe the wheel temp follows outside air temp or heated seat setpoint. Last week it was -10 outside. Now it's in the low 30s. My heated steering wheel felt like it was at the same temperature throughout the 40 degree outside air temp span. I normally...
  4. RockJock

    Heated Steering Wheel Temp

    Hey guys anyone with a thermal camera or temp gun willing to temp your heated steering wheel after it has been running 10-20 minutes? Mine feels like it has stopped getting as hot as it used to. I'm getting high 80s-low 90s (F) across the whole steering wheel. I'd like to see how that compares...
  5. RockJock

    2022 Limited Auto Dimming Mirrors

    Alright thanks. My truck is in the garage right now, so no lights behind it. Just the ceiling lights. I covered the front sensor with my finger and it caused the interior mirror to dim, but not the exterior mirrors. So I'm thinking if I cover the front sensor with tape it should keep the...
  6. RockJock

    2022 Limited Auto Dimming Mirrors

    I thought the sensor was built in to the interior mirror glass?
  7. RockJock

    Start of 2023 Production

    I've got a ? next to my status and ETA in the tracker. Did I miss something when I submitted my info?
  8. RockJock

    2022 Limited Auto Dimming Mirrors

    In having a problem with the auto dimming mirrors in my truck. It's a Limited so both exterior mirrors are auto dimming. I have the digital rear view mirror also. In October I noticed the exterior mirrors weren't dimming anymore under normal driving conditions. I can trick them by shining a...
  9. RockJock

    Start of 2023 Production

    I'm back for round 2 this year! My dad likes my truck so much he decided to order a Ram. I guided him through the process and told him I'll have the latest updates. He ordered a Limited like mine, plus MFT, minus pano roof and 33 gallon tank. I talked him into the MFT. Wish I had it. I'm...
  10. RockJock

    side mirror removal to replace mirror cap

    I got mine changed today. In June i put black plastidip on my chrome caps. It was starting to chip off. Now I have black OEM mirror caps. The $5 one piece suction cup was junk. It would simply break loose from the glass when I pulled. Almost ended up on the ground myself. I bought the $15 one...
  11. RockJock

    OEM all weather floor mat options?

    I guess I should have sold my OEM Limited floor mats. I gave them to my uncle when he saw them in the bed of my truck after I put all weather mats in. I planned to throw them away. The OEM all weather mats are good. Not great. They come to the inside edge of the door sill instead of laying...
  12. RockJock

    Uconnect 5 Glitches

    Change the cluster theme to get the shortcuts to show up. You can put it right back to your preferred theme after you change it and the shortcuts will be there. If my truck only sits a short time the shortcuts will still be there. Every morning after it sits overnight my shortcuts are gone.
  13. RockJock

    Night Edition Grille Applique?

    Yeah the smooth looks good. From my research the textured black upper applique comes on the Rebel. Is there any kind of finish on the ready to paint one you got or how does that one hold up to the elements?
  14. RockJock

    Night Edition Grille Applique?

    Did you buy part number 6BT18TZZAJ? I want the black applique as well. Not sure if I should buy ready to paint or black texture
  15. RockJock


    How are everyone's trucks doing with interior rattles and noises? Mine makes a creaking sound that's coming from the back seat area when I drive on rough roads. I can't find it and it's driving me crazy. It sounds like plastic rubbing against something back there.
  16. RockJock

    How would you go about Blacking out a Limited? Purchase a new front grille, wrap it instead, etc??

    Here are a bunch of part numbers. I had my dealer put together a list of part numbers for Limited Night Edition parts a while back. From last 4 80AD to 85AG are crew cab window trim pieces, black. 12 total between left and right side. Applique grille is the piece between the grille and hood...
  17. RockJock

    Start of 2022 Production.

    What's up everyone. Just dropping in to say hi. I followed this thread since its beginning until January. I used to read through it every day while I was waiting for my truck. I can't believe it's been over a year since I ordered! Time flies. I've seen Ram now has an order tracker on their...
  18. RockJock

    2023 MY

    I had hoped they had digital dash for 22. I always wanted one. After seeing the picture I don't mind not having it. I actually like the current dash better. I always have the steering wheel tilted down which blocks the dash anyway. I look at my HUD way more than I do the dash.
  19. RockJock

    1000 Mile Update

    Hey all, here's how things have been for my first 1000 miles. USB port 2 under the 12" screen won't handle data transfer. Charge only. Dealer will replace. Passenger side RamBox lid over flush with bed side and leaks in the car wash. Dealer adjusted lid. Still overflush and leaking, not as...
  20. RockJock

    2022 Ram Connect services

    Mine only has vehicle performance and safety and security listed. Maybe I still need to activate the others.