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  1. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    20k preliminary estimate which is "best case scenario" according to the body shop with the attached quote & 2 more I've had look at it as well. New hood, roof skin, one front fender, metalwork the doors & bed & try to metalwork both unisides/a-pillars & roof rails. More than likely the drivers...
  2. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    The more I look at it the more damage I find. Drivers side will probably need an aperture panel, a-pillar is pretty bad with compromised paint & the steel above the left rear door frame is almost pinched flat down to the door in one spot with compromised paint in multiple spots. If it does need...
  3. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    Looking at recent sales of 23' Laramie's through Copart, flood & rear end frame damaged trucks sold for 22-24k. I too think it'll be close to being a total loss
  4. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    I agree. The hood, roof & roof rails already need paint & some of the larger hits I believe are beyond PDR. Think it'd be cheaper for the insurance to go straight to panel replacement. The doors and fenders could definitely be PDR.
  5. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    Way ahead of you. I've already I've paid so much in insurance over the years with the same company & no claims, even after paying this out they'll still come out ahead.
  6. Yzcr87

    Hail Damage recommendations/advice

    The nasty weather the midwest received on 3/14 did a number on my 23' Laramie. About 5:00 pm driving north on I-55 about 30-40 minutes north of St.Louis we received softball size meteorites/hail. So much hail on the ground it is was like driving down a washboard road & all that ice on the ground...
  7. Yzcr87

    Who Loves Patriot Blue ?

    I loved my Patriot Blue until nature decided to gift it with the "golf ball mod" on I-55 in southern IL yesterday. Not a panel was left untouched. Even got dings on my rockers from them kicking up from the road. It wasn't a hailstorm. It was a damn meteor shower.
  8. Yzcr87

    Oil Filter vibrating loose!?!

    The idea of a filter loosening itself sounds ridiculous but I've noticed the same on my 23'. The OEM filter was tightened with the force of a thousand suns. The next 5 oil changes I thought I was losing my mind when noticing how loose the filter was on removal each time. No leaks, just not "hand...
  9. Yzcr87

    2023 Ram MPG Upgrades - Hemi E-torque

    Similar truck, see sig. I'm at 25,000mi now & see the same with my 111mi commute at 65-70mph. Averaging 17.5ish on winter fuel, 18.5ish in summer. Hand calculated, 87/89 octane made no difference.
  10. Yzcr87

    ECO not lighting up

    I've noticed quite a variance in MDS from truck to truck. A family member has a 20' Limited thats optioned very close to my 23' Laramie. Both Hemi, 4x4, 3.92, 5'7" bed & very close payloads. The 20' will hold 70mph with "eco" on & got a hand calculated average of 19.5 & a bit over 20mpg over two...
  11. Yzcr87

    2025 brochure

    Agreed, Econo-boxes are a tool, purchased as the cheapest option to get from A to B. Mini vans are a tool and like an econo-box, are function over form. Challengers, Camaros, Miata's, Ford Muskrats etc...are always purchased for the experience they provide. Trucks used to be a tool but, they've...
  12. Yzcr87

    2025 brochure

    We always used to rent vehicles for our family road trips & for the last 3 trips (2,500mi each) we got stuck with 3.5 Ecoboost Expeditions, no Tahoes, Suburbans, etc were ever available. Hated the Expeditions with the passion of a thousand burning suns. The highway exhaust drone drove me nuts...
  13. Yzcr87

    Auto Emergency Braking Error.

    My 23' Laramie does this randomly once in a while. If I have the Adaptive cruise engaged it will let off the throttle, maybe give a quick brake tap, then resume normal function. One section of road on my commute runs along high tension wires for about half a mile, then the wires cross over the...
  14. Yzcr87

    Twin-Turbo 3.0-liter (Hurricane) Inline-Six-Cylinder (H.O.) Engine - Specifications!

    Similar cylinder coatings like Nikasil have been used reliably in aluminum bores for 30+ years now in the motorcycle industry. Everything from little high strung 65cc two-strokes up to 1000+cc sport bikes & touring bikes. Typically even when the piston rings wear out the cylinder & coating will...
  15. Yzcr87

    What does everyone do for a living?

    CDL Instructor. Going on 7 years now
  16. Yzcr87

    How many miles a year do you put on your RAM?

    Picked my 23' up from Mark Dodge on 6/10/23 with 11 miles on it & I'm sitting at 11,562 today. Typically drive 30-35k a year... This is my first time straying from a lifetime of GM. With the miles I drive the 7yr unlimited mile Maxcare warranty is what swayed me to give RAM a shot.
  17. Yzcr87

    Poor gas mileage

    A 3.21 driver doing 80mph+ passing folks just for the sake of being in the front of the line will get worse economy than the 3.92 crowd content on setting the cruise at 70 and enjoying the ride.
  18. Yzcr87

    Poor gas mileage

    3.21... the gear for folks who cant control themselves
  19. Yzcr87

    Poor gas mileage

    Searching back through this thread & others, most notice an increase in ECO mode frequency at 5-6,000mi. I'm sitting at 8,700 with zero increase in ECO mode frequency since driving it off the Mark Dodge lot at 11mi. I would have to think it'd be broken in by now unless Ram changed the...
  20. Yzcr87

    Poor gas mileage

    On a 3.21 truck, one with a larger/heavier wheel & tire setup or maybe a Rebel I'd imagine 55mph would probably be the limit for MDS engagement but on my family members heavy 3.92 4x4 limited, the used 3.92 trucks I test drove before ordering mine & some members here with 3.92 trucks. They...