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  1. TN47361

    Falken Wildpeak 35/12.5R20

  2. TN47361

    285/65r20 and no lift yet.

    285/65r20 and no lift yet.
  3. TN47361

    Falken Wildpeak 35/12.5R20

    285/65r20 no level or lift yet
  4. TN47361

    3.5 Inch Readylift Going On Today

    Wow great plan lol
  5. TN47361

    3.5 Inch Readylift Going On Today

    Looks great! My concern seeing how close that is, if it will work here in Michigan when I pull in to a driveway full of several inches of snow lol
  6. TN47361

    3.5 Inch Readylift Going On Today

    Waiting lol
  7. TN47361

    3.5 Inch Readylift Going On Today

    Looks great! I have a question for you. I have 285/65R20's on mine and trying to decide between 2" level and 3.5 lift. My concern is I have a standard 7' garage door and was told that it may not fit. I know you have 35's so a little taller, do you fit in a standard garage door height and any...
  8. TN47361

    Falken Wildpeak 35/12.5R20

    Ended up with the 285/65R20 and love the look. I do get some rubbing on full turn but that is without a leveling kit or lift. I wanted to do the 3.5 lift but was told between that and the tire size it wouldn't fit in a standard 7' garage door. :-( may be stuck just with a leveling kit.
  9. TN47361


    My truck is listed with the rambox cargo management system. My sales person was not very knowledgeable about what that included. The bed has the adjustable side rails but shouldn’t this option include the removable divider?
  10. TN47361

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W or KO2

    OK so the Falken 285/65R 20 are on back order until who knows when. The KO2 are available in that size right now. Should I wait on the Falken or just get the KO2????
  11. TN47361

    275/65 R20 Winter, 35x12.5 Summer Tires

    Are those strictly winter tires? Where did you purchase?
  12. TN47361

    Falken Wildpeak 35/12.5R20

    :( after research I decided to order the Falken Wildpeak AT3W in a 35/12.5R20 for the new truck using the factory wheels. Test fit the front and everything went good with no rubbing on fenders BUT....you could barely fit a piece of paper between the upper control arm and the sidewall of the...