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  1. Odpterror4

    Playing movies on car play

    Does this support iPads as well?
  2. Odpterror4

    Rust on inside edge of tailpipes...only 2 weeks old

    You win!!! I edited the post to reflect minor rust instead. I should chose my words more carefully and expect a $67K truck to not really be worth $67K. Hell what's the point of a warranty if your just gonna say that you shouldn't get worked up about it and just accept it for what it is?
  3. Odpterror4

    Rust on inside edge of tailpipes...only 2 weeks old

    So just picked up a limited 2 weeks ago and I just noticed some minor rust on the inside edge of the tailpipes....is this covered under warranty and should I bring this up to the dealer?
  4. Odpterror4

    Can you not play video??

    So I just went from a Camry they let you play video in park off a usb thumb drive. Does the 12 inch uconnect not let you play video in park?
  5. Odpterror4

    Just picked up a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4x4

    Hello! Just picked up a new Limited 4x4 for an amazing price. Looking forward to reading all the mods and stuff you guys have done and posting some of mine in the future.