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  1. cipherbreak

    RamBox warped and misaligned

    @RamCares does the same. They never replied to me and my dealership gave me the “we have a star case open” runaround until I stopped asking.
  2. cipherbreak

    Pulsar for 2021 Ram 5.7 big horn

    Do NOT get the Pulsar. Nothing but trouble, very unsafe, a huge waste of your hard earned dollars. I was on my second replacement unit and started getting the codes again, this time followed by uncontrolled acceleration. I’m not wasting my time replacing it again. It is not worth it.
  3. cipherbreak

    69 years apart...I dont see any resemblance

    In other news, my laptop looks nothing like the ENIAC.
  4. cipherbreak

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I got the 3.92 gears specifically because I was planning on putting on larger tires. At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less what other people have.
  5. cipherbreak

    Post pics of your Ram!

    Thank you. Honestly, I am not sure if you need it with the normal (non-air) suspension. With the air suspension and 22" wheels, you definitely need a lift or leveling in the front. The 35s just fit with that set up.
  6. cipherbreak

    Ivory/ Indigo, interior owners beware!

    Happened to a nice beige couch I got once. It also happened to my BMW but thankfully I had put leather protectant/conditioner so it came off easily. I loved the ivory/indigo interior and was really close to getting it but sanity prevailed. I am glad I went with the black.
  7. cipherbreak

    Laramie or Limited

    I love the look of my Limited with 35” RTs. The perfect mix of upscale and rugged.
  8. cipherbreak

    Check Engine Light - P0456

    Nope. Got the truck back and the codes came back a few hours later. Have an appointment this week again. This will be the 4th time it is in for EVAP codes. May pursue lemon law.
  9. cipherbreak

    What Fuel is everyone using?

    I've been using 87 octane California black gold for a month now. I cannot discern in performance or milage against the 89 I was using prior.
  10. cipherbreak

    Check Engine Light - P0456

    It could be fixed but I may take a while for the code to register again. I think it is 27 miles or something like that. A RAM service manager told me but I forgot. Anyways, I dropped my truck off yesterday for this code (again) and I just got it back today. Hoping third time is the charm...
  11. cipherbreak

    12" Screen Reverse Camera Brightness

    Having exactly the same issue. Rolling down the windows helps but the screen is the problem. It should remain at the same brightness level!
  12. cipherbreak

    FCW Caused Accident! - Forward Collision Warning Malfunction?

    And that’s the reason I have the warnings but not the automatic braking enabled. I’ve experienced a few ghost alarms and realized these systems lack the contextual understanding required to make smart decisions. if only there was a way to disable the automatic braking while reversing that ****...
  13. cipherbreak

    Borla Pro XS

    Had the Borla ProXS 40353 installed yesterday. Left the resonators intact. I'm happy with the sound note and level. It speaks confidently when it needs to and remains silent when it should. Highly recommended.
  14. cipherbreak

    how to change the oil???

    You can absolutely remove oil stains from a concrete driveway with some degreaser and a pressure washer, but preventing the spill is easier.
  15. cipherbreak

    Check Engine Light - P0456

    Wow. I hope it is fixed. My codes came back a day after I got the truck back from the dealership. I reset them yesterday and I am waiting for them to come back before I drop the truck back in the dealership.
  16. cipherbreak

    Any final verdict on whether air suspension ride is actually better than coil suspension?

    As the illustrious Tyga once said: “Too much rim make the ride too hard”. But for real, my truck rides amazingly and I have rugged terrain 35’s.
  17. cipherbreak

    96 month loan

    Make sure to get the GAP insurance.
  18. cipherbreak

    Leather seats not so leather??

    if that is the best you’ve had, you haven’t had many nice cars. My first BMW—a basic 328i—had leather seats that looked brand new after 8 years of ownership. Same thing with my current BMW. I’m at 7 years now and the leather is in superb conditions.
  19. cipherbreak

    Gas running preheater

    The SiriusXM satellites are in geosynchronous orbit and the beam covers North America. It is not available in Europe.