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  1. Jigaloo

    Just installed Revel Leveling/Lift Links on my Limited with Air Suspension

    I don't have before and after pics, but I'll take some after install pics this weekend. The links are incredibly easy to install. I'd recommend using a trim/panel removal tool to pop off the old links (or wide screw driver). It should only take about 15-30 minutes to install.
  2. Jigaloo

    Will positive offsets fit?

    Folks have mentioned the Rebel wheels are a little flared inside in order to clear the brake caliper.
  3. Jigaloo

    Would go with -12 or +12 offset with this set up?

    Hi, My limited 4x4 has the air suspension and I installed the revel leveling links. The front is now 1.75" higher. I'm looking at the 20x9 mamba m14 wheels. They are only offered in -12 or +12 offset (I would have preferred +0 offset). I will be running 305/55/20 m/t tires. What offset do...
  4. Jigaloo

    Just installed Revel Leveling/Lift Links on my Limited with Air Suspension

    Hi, I finally got my Revel leveling/lift links and installed them yesterday. I'm only interested in leveling the truck so just the front links were installed. I've probably installed 10-15 level/lift kits, which normally takes me hours....sometimes a couple of days to install. :( I'm still...
  5. Jigaloo

    Anyone looking for Ram upgrades for Black Friday?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be buying my new wheels today!
  6. Jigaloo

    Anyone looking for Ram upgrades for Black Friday?

    Hi, Anyone taking advantage of black Friday, and purchasing upgrades for their Ram? If so, whatcha looking to buy and from where? I'm looking to purchase wheels and tires. Not sure if there will any discounts on what I'm looking to purchase. Thanks
  7. Jigaloo

    Door trim adhesive failing.

    It's a sign....time to remove the chrome cladding around the windows....
  8. Jigaloo

    Just confirming is the "Limited" logo held on by 3M tape?

    Hey, Probably a silly question, but just confirming. Is the "Limited" chrome logo (chrome decal on front door, rear door, and rear cabin) just held on by 3M tape? Below is a pic. Thanks :)
  9. Jigaloo

    Shout out to positive dealer experiences

    I had a great experience with Meador Dodge in Fort Worth, TX. I traded my 2018 wrangler for a 2019 Ram. Took my trade based on pictures. They even had a driver drive out my new truck to Austin, and drove back my wrangler. Saved me 6-7 hours of driving. I know some folks wouldn't want someone...
  10. Jigaloo

    Outside side mirror has a crack : ( Any recommended OEM parts websites?

    Hi, Unfortunately, my side mirror on my limited has a crack. :cry: I'm having a hard time finding a website with the 2019 Ram OEM parts (most seem to show 2018). Any recommendations? I'm afraid to find out how much this is going to cost me to fix. :eek: Do you think it's something I can...
  11. Jigaloo

    Rebel Wheels

    I'm shocked at what people are asking for their stock wheels. Usually stock stuff (which includes wheels) don't hold their value very well. For the prices I've seen posted, someone can get a nice set of aftermarket wheels....but to each their own
  12. Jigaloo

    With Air Suspension seems, 305/55/20 +0 offset wheels work. Would +18 offset work?

    Hi, From what I’ve read, folks with the air suspension have no rubbing with 305/55/20 tires with 20x9 wheels with +0 offset. I’m interested in a couple of 20x9 wheels with a +18 offset. Does anyone have 305/55/20 tires with 20x9 wheels with a +18 offset? If so, any rubbing? Does anyone...
  13. Jigaloo

    Revel Performance lift links for air ride suspension

    I ordered the links the other day and I'm just installing the front links to level the truck.
  14. Jigaloo

    Anyone put 18" wheels on their Limited?

    Hi, Seems like a good percentage of folks are sticking with 20" or 22" aftermarket wheels for their Limited. Curious if anyone decided to do 18" wheels. If so, please let us know the stats of the wheel (e.g., offset, width, etc). Any pictures? :) Thx
  15. Jigaloo

    +/- air suspension with possible leveling/lift

    I just checked Revel Performance FAQ page....it states this about leveling: 4). Are the rear links needed if I’m just looking to level the truck ? Not per say however we sell as kits of four (front and rear). Lifting the rear or not the adjustable rear links can be used to compensate for any...
  16. Jigaloo

    +/- air suspension with possible leveling/lift

    From what I've seen posted a few folks are waiting for BDS to come out with a product. I did come across the following leveling kit for the 2019 ram with air suspension. I'd like to level the front. I was going to give them a call and find out if only the front links need to be installed for...
  17. Jigaloo

    How would you go about Blacking out a Limited? Purchase a new front grille, wrap it instead, etc??

    Hello, I recently picked up a black 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. The bumpers are black, and I'm looking to black out the front grille, chrome trim, and emblems. I'm sure others have blacked out the chrome so hoping to get some input. Any recommended products? I came across super wrap DIY...
  18. Jigaloo

    Falken Wild Peak AT3 ?

    I had them a couple of times and were awesome. Great balance of price, minimum noise, and aggressive looks.