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  1. Str8Cracker

    Ram Leak

    I’m curious about the millage as well. My 21 just had both manifolds and gaskets replaced under the powertrain warranty last week.
  2. Str8Cracker

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    My local dealer charges $100. I showed them the coupon on mopar.com for 3 for $1000 that populates when entering my zip, however I was told they don’t accept them because they loose money. Thought it was crap considering it’s under my dealerships coupons.
  3. Str8Cracker

    Creaky Brake Pedal

    My 2019 never had this issue but wow does my 2021. It drives me crazy and will be the first service appointment for my 2021.
  4. Str8Cracker

    2021 Owners - How is your A/C?

    My 2019 AC was just ok and I don’t notice any difference with my 2021. Defiantly could be better.
  5. Str8Cracker

    2021 Ram Rebel Orders

    When RAM chat have me that update I checked in exactly a week later and it was waiting for transport. 2 days after that it was at my dealer. Good luck!
  6. Str8Cracker

    Hemi Pricing

    When I ordered my 2021 Rebel the base MSRP was lower then my dealer build sheet as well. When the vehicle was delivered to my dealer it increased again but with the market the way it is the dealer said it is what it is.
  7. Str8Cracker

    2021 Ram Rebel Orders

    Yeah, pretty much. I would check with RAM chat oncKept getting the normal should start soon replies then Pretty much. I’d check in once a week with RAM chat and kept getting the should start soon replies. With all the chip shortage I was hearing about, I thought for sure it was going to miss...
  8. Str8Cracker

    2021 Ram Rebel Orders

    I ordered a 2021 Rebel 12 on 01/18/21. Color was white with the Red interior. No advanced safety group but did have the blind spot detection as a stand alone option. It was delivered to my dealer on 3/11/21. Around the 1st of March was the first time RAM chat told me it was in production. Hope...
  9. Str8Cracker

    Driver Side Room

    Some models have adjustable pedals as well, so be sure that those are set as far back as allowed.
  10. Str8Cracker

    Do I Always Have to Endure Hot Air out of the Vents?

    My 2019 did it and so does my 2021. I set the temp to low, set the air flow to defrost/feet and then turn off. It’s became habit and I don’t notice it any more.
  11. Str8Cracker

    Sound Systems

    I went to the dealer and sat in trucks with both the HK and the Alpine. I ended up ordering with the Alpine due to what seemed like a lack of base with the HK. Both are a considerable upgrade over stock, but noting like custom aftermarket.
  12. Str8Cracker

    This one hurts to watch.

    I know nothing on the background, just came across it. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeUTdTuT/
  13. Str8Cracker

    Who noticed the base price MSRP on the 4x4 Limited increased $250?

    The Rebel has had two recently. I inquired on a dealer lot 2021 with a MSRP of $48,820 about 8 weeks ago. At the time the website still showed this number as well. Ended up placing a custom order and the build sheet showed an MSRP of $49,270. The truck was delivered last week and the MSRP on the...
  14. Str8Cracker

    Police Responder Pickup from Ford. Will FCA respond?

    Our sheriffs office purchased 12, 4th gen police packaged RAM’s last year. First Chrysler products we’ve ever purchased. They came in $6,000 each cheaper then the next available option the Ford Explorer. So far deputy’s really like and they have been dependable.
  15. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    I believe the window sticker populates when your selling dealer is invoiced for the truck. This normally happens within a couple days after the build sheet becomes available. In Illinois the truck is normally delivered 7-10 days after the window sticker has populated as well.
  16. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    For sure you guys need to sign up. I signed up a couple weeks ago via 4 email addresses and today two of them got $1000 private offers. Doubtful they can be combined, but still an extra $1000 off. They say the following... This private offer is not available to the general public and can be...
  17. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    I will. Thanks!
  18. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    I did find I now have a build sheet available but no window sticker.
  19. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    Ordered on 1/18 and got the VIN a short time later. Waited 4 weeks and then started checking in every Thursday. Went from waiting on parts to parts gathered last week and today received this message Thank you so much for holding. I am showing that your vehicle has been released by the plant for...
  20. Str8Cracker

    Order Tracking

    Just did so. Thanks!