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  1. jmcmahan15

    Toyo Open Country AT III on 20' Limited with 22"

    I'm seeing everyone talking about the 305/45 R22 AT3's, but is anyone running the 285/45 R22 Toyo AT3's? My main reason for getting these will be some off road driving at my sister's land and towing a boat. My truck is 2wd (got a heck of a deal on it) and I don't trust the stock tires to hook...
  2. jmcmahan15

    Fullscreen Car Play on Uconnect 8.4

    Anyone know of a way to get Car Play to go true full screen (no menu buttons on the bottom of the screen) on the Uconnect 8.4? The native maps have the option to full screen, so I don’t see any reason other apps like Car Play couldn’t do the same.
  3. jmcmahan15

    RAM Officially Announces Uconnect 5 Infotainment Software For Its Pickup Lineup!

    I'm wondering if the 2021 Uconnects will be able to upgrade to the 2022 software. That would be cool
  4. jmcmahan15

    Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter recommendation

    Any recommendations on a wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter? I've seen some on Amazon, but before I buy one, just curious if anyone has any experience with one. Thanks!
  5. jmcmahan15

    2 week old truck, heavily leaking transmission fluid...

    Same. The common consensus is this kind of thing shouldn't happen, given how much we pay for them. However, these are mass-produced mechanical machines, so I understand things happen and something somewhere is bound to be broken or busted right out of the gate for someone. It's all the luck...
  6. jmcmahan15

    2 week old truck, heavily leaking transmission fluid...

    My new 2021 Ram Laramie had 8 miles on it when I bought it, and it has 33 miles on it total now. I had the same symptoms as you. Light smoke coming out from under and from the back of the truck, also stains on my driveway. The fluid smelled like tranny fluid, but it wasn't red, so I didn't...