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  1. Redman74

    New tires for 22" stock rim

    Hi all..wondering if someone would know if I would have problems installing a 305/50/R22 on the stock 22 inch rims on my 2019 Ram sport.. Appreciate any feedback fellow Ram owners ! Thanks again
  2. Redman74

    Uneven Tire Wear

    Yes also have this problem..my front suspension was fixed 6 months ago but not sure the realignment was done..47'000 km in Toronto. Love the truck but damn these tires
  3. Redman74

    Check your doors for alignment. Quality Control

    I had the same issue with the driver side rear door. Looked like it wasn't closed at the bottom of the door. They fixed it during the time it was in for the engine light on. Now my truck is in service for the 3rd time in January with the same problem, the engine light. Depressing :(
  4. Redman74

    Remote start and check engine light

    Best of luck Smiles5619 Could be many things with the error code P219A, i am afraid mine might be a lifter in the engine. This 3rd repair might be the longest for me if they have to take some of the engine apart :(
  5. Redman74

    Slam goes the Trans!!

    Happened to me as well when i had around 500 km. Now at 6,000 Km and bringing back to the dealer tonight for a third time because my engine light has come on again.
  6. Redman74

    Remote start and check engine light

    This morning my Engine light came on for the 3rd time, just got the truck back on Friday for the same thing. They can't even tell me what the problem is. The first time this happened about 3 weeks ago they replaced the O2 sensor and it was ok for another week then happened again. Problem is...
  7. Redman74

    2019 Ram Sport in Canada

    Engine light came on yesterday. 5,300KM on the truck. Told today it was an O2 sensor, also getting the back door ( Drivers side ) re-aligned, never looked like it was closed fully. Anyway love the truck, looks great. Wondering if anyone can recommend a website for aftermarket front grills ...