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  1. d15nonvtec

    inexpensive ditch light brackets option

    I used ebay ones that bolted to the hood hinges, powdercoated black. $40 shipped, fit perfect
  2. d15nonvtec

    Biggest Ditch Lights

    I had 4" ones with no issues, plenty of space yet with hood open.
  3. d15nonvtec

    Service Advisors

    Also, a TSB is not a recall and they are not required to fix it for free
  4. d15nonvtec

    Leveling 2021 Rebel with Air-Suspension

    i made my own iinks from threaded rod and ball stud sockets. aero works fine, i can use off road 1 if i wanted too, but not off road 2. i use neither off road modes honestly
  5. d15nonvtec

    Leather dash lifting and bubbling

    just cheaper adhesives and potentially lower quality leather that shrinks over time. Mopar just tells you to wipe with a light soap and water, still doesnt matter.
  6. d15nonvtec

    Leveling 2021 Rebel with Air-Suspension

    yes it will. depending on how short the links are, the offroad 2 mode may not be usuable though
  7. d15nonvtec

    Leather dash lifting and bubbling

    i waited 4+ months for my dash to arrive at the dealer from backorder, dropped it off last week only to find a tear in the new one.......another one on order, no ETA.
  8. d15nonvtec

    Leather dash lifting and bubbling

    Yes, RAM will want the service ticket documentation first before they go any further.
  9. d15nonvtec

    Leather dash lifting and bubbling

    on my 2021 Limited i have the same issue. After months of back and forth, RAM/Stelantis stated they will not warranty it. Luckily my local dealer is taking care of it out of good faith.
  10. d15nonvtec

    Picked Up The 24 Today. Few Questions

    how did your buyout go? decent rate? what company did you use, if you don't mind my asking?
  11. d15nonvtec

    Picked Up The 24 Today. Few Questions

    I too am shopping for a 24 to replace my 21 Limited. I do notice the lack of "options" in the 24s if that makes sense, like RAM took things away. I just assume it is a supply thing were they cannot get certain things at this time.
  12. d15nonvtec

    Upper grill trim piece

    Is the Built To Serve painted in the Diamond Black Crystal Pearl like the Night Editions are?
  13. d15nonvtec

    How many miles a year do you put on your RAM?

    roughly 16-17k per year
  14. d15nonvtec

    New wheels/tires 1500 Limited

    You can add a daystar leveling puck above the front air strut then use leveling links. Won't be as rough of a ride, that's what I did on my Limited.
  15. d15nonvtec

    What’s the biggest wheel setup I can go in my stock 22 ram 1500 limited with air ride

    just the rubbing front and rear really, your negative offset will avoid anything on the suspension
  16. d15nonvtec

    Cold Air Intake Question

    quiet unless i get on it then you can hear the intake a bit
  17. d15nonvtec

    Cold Air Intake Question

    I have the AFE intake. I definately noticed a better throttle response at the very least
  18. d15nonvtec

    2022 Night Edition wrong door panel installed.

    my 21 has the lighter speaker grills as well
  19. d15nonvtec

    Front Sway Bar End Links, possible solution

    but $180 is only like a tank of gas in 2022 lol