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    Windshield Washer Spray Nozzle Replacement Question

    No, I use washer fluid. I figured it out and took some pics. My issue was that the hose had come off from the back of the sprayer. Have you gotten yours working?
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    Windshield Washer Spray Nozzle Replacement Question

    Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem
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    Anyone else get an OTA Update today?

    I got the update yesterday and today I got a notification from Uconnect that my truck has less than 1/8th tank left. I’ve never gotten those before
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    RamBox extender "hooks"

    Does this include both sides or do I need to order 2 of each?
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    AC is Cold, rear window/brake light doesn't leak, and I get great fuel mileage on my 4x4 3.92 E Torque 5.7L

    Almost 10k miles on mine with no problems. A/C plenty cold in Fort Worth, TX
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    Put tires on. Dislike. What's the protocol?

    Curious to hear the outcome. I've never returned tires but Discount Tires does have signs up all over the store that you can test drive the tires and bring them back. They also run the commercial with the old lady throwing the tire through the window.
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    What's the No. 1 thing that disappointed you the most about your truck ?

    That i couldn't get the Ramboxes in the 6'7" bed and had to get the short bed.
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    New software 20.04.19

    You may already know this but if the driver's door wasn't closed all the way the camera won't show.
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    Hard Tonneau cover for MFG + Ram Boxes

    I have the Truxedo Sentry CT. I’m liking it so far. I wanted something that has a fabric cover so that I can lay my shotguns on it without scratching them or the cover. Also I didn’t want something that would get too hot to touch on Texas summer days.
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    Front Camera

    Don’t think so. If you switch to reverse for a second and then back to forward it will show the front camera if you have the delay set in the system. I have also set the camera button as one of the buttons across the bottom of the screen so I can get to it easily.
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    Stop / Start eTorque question?

    Give your truck a few miles for a break in period. Mine engages whenever I stop once the engine is up to temp. And it will sit for with the engine off for quite awhile even with A/C running.
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    water crossing - is it smart and worth?

    I would be willing to try it....in your truck.
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    Pandora Stations: How-to Guide

    Thanks for this write up, It has really helped.
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    Drive Through Wash

    I go through whatever auto wash is handy as long as there aren't any really dirty cars right in front of me. I read an article that rated the soft touch washes as best for the paint as long as they were clean, then the touchless and last the ones with the brushes that look like they are made...
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    Rambox or not?

    Also just having somewhere to put things where they can't be seen really helps with theft. I had a friend whose truck along with several others got broken into at a motel one night. The guy next to him had a hard tonneau cover. The thieves broke into the cabs of trucks and stole everything of...
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    Rambox or not?

    I had them on my 14 with 6' 4" bed and now on my 20 with 5'7" bed. I liked having the longer bed and the longer Ram Boxes but I got tired of waiting for them to come out with the long bed. My shotguns still fit, even my clays gun with lengthened stock and 30" barrels, so I'm happy enough and...
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    Once&For all - Tonneau - Best 1?

    I'm really liking my Truxedo Sentry CT. It is hard roll-up and is aluminum bonded to a convertible top type fabric. I didn't want anything that would show dents or scratches or get really hot to the touch in summer. I also wanted to be able to lay a shotgun on it without worrying about...
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    POLL: Did you name your truck?

    I just call it truck.
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    Pandora Stations: How-to Guide

    My Pandora always wants to create a station that isn't based on the artist I am listening to. I thought it was because I was listening to a buffered song and it was using the artist on the upcoming song but that doesn't seem to be the case either.
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    2019 12 inch screen issues when cold

    Mine stutters a lot when it gets below freezing. Hasn't gotten that cold since the latest update though so maybe that will help.