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  1. bonebro

    Key Left Vehicle Feature (Three Horn Chirp)

    Appreciate the concern @RamCares 👍 an option to disable if we prefer would be great!!! Thank you 🙏
  2. bonebro

    Wind noise

    Unfortunately they had no info for me if the seals had been updated or if there was a TSB tied to the front door seals. They also told me the drone at 42mph was not the active noise cancelling because my truck is not equipped with active noise cancelling. Ha! The window sticker says it is, there...
  3. bonebro

    Wind noise

    I’ve had lots of interior wind noise since I bought the truck in 2018. Tore the rear seats out and dynamatted everything. Adjusted all the doors and sunroof myself with no resolution. I took the truck in last week for an oil change and mentioned wind noise and told them the tops of the front...
  4. bonebro

    My gawd, the wind noise!

    I have the same issue as OP. I have spent years and many hours trying to figure out why mine is so loud inside. No luck. I just turn the radio up and drive it like I’m going to trade it in soon :)
  5. bonebro

    Front bumper seal

    Does anyone with a limited have the seals? I have seen other trims with and without the seals, but have never seen a limited with the seals. Were the seals added after 2019?
  6. bonebro

    Check Your Fender Flares.

    I have the automated running boards. They don’t protect anything from rocks and sand. The regular bulky running boards help block quite a bit of the road debris from hitting the rocker panels and rear flares.
  7. bonebro

    Wind noise

    Gotta loosen the two bolts then hit it very hard. Mark around it before attempting to move the plate so you know if it has moved.
  8. bonebro

    May have found the " open door noise " source....

    It has metal inside the seal, so you have to pull hard and your fingers will be numb!
  9. bonebro

    Wind noise

    Check this out @Posse07 https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/may-have-found-the-open-door-noise-source.16265/post-246467
  10. bonebro

    N0GL Software Update Thread

    And Wyoming yesterday!
  11. bonebro

    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Mine updated today. Wyoming.
  12. bonebro

    Vinyl Wrap Ivory White tri-coat pearl

    @dakmary Is the white diamond noticeably whiter than the ivory tri coat? Do you have any more pics of the wrapped front and rear? Any trouble with rock chips on the wrapped bumper? Thanks!
  13. bonebro

    Wind noise

    Nice! I didn’t put the backer rod on the door weatherstripping, I put it behind the body side weatherstripping. It has been working great for a few weeks. I’ve been thru the car wash multiple times and drove in 80 mph wind with excellent results! I’ll check into your door side install and see if...
  14. bonebro

    "Car And Driver" long-term review, write-up

    Agreed! Just like firing up your iPhone or PC; give it a few seconds. I always wait for xm to sync the artist/ song info before putting it into reverse and never have any freezes etc when doing it this way.
  15. bonebro

    May have found the " open door noise " source....

    Menards. I’m sure Home Depot and even Walmart will have it also. By the door and garage door weatherstripping section.
  16. bonebro

    May have found the " open door noise " source....

    Yep that’s the stuff! The oem weatherstripping has a metal backing, get your fingers behind that and pull it out, then stuff the foam rope behind it. I went from my finger to the black road grime spot above the weatherstripping (or the White string hanging from the ceiling in the background). It...
  17. bonebro

    May have found the " open door noise " source....

    Here’s a fix: 3/8” or 1/4” weatherstrip foam. Place it behind the factory weatherstripping. I used 3/8”. Works like a champ to seal the loose fitting top corners of the door! The doors even sound more solid when closing now.
  18. bonebro

    new "Tailights"5thGen

    How do you get these functions? Tazer?