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  1. thcmas35

    Air conditioning Hack

    My '19 has 40k on it and im now beyond the 36 month warranty. I've been to the dealer for ac issues in the past. Coolant was low when i got it new and was blowing hot air. The dealer added coolant to spec. I still wasn't satisfied with the ac so mentioned it at service updates. They told me...
  2. thcmas35

    Squeak/chirp going over bumps

    Do you have a part number or link to front bushings you installed? I would like to see if this is my issue. At least two dealer has not been successful at identifying the issue.
  3. thcmas35

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    Nice! Looks just like my truck, but Laramie and no chrome (something I'm still working on) I just ordered some Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JCW2CG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) to take care of my rivets around the Fuel Rebel rims. I...
  4. thcmas35

    Tire/Wheel Dilemma for New Limited

    My installer did not disconnect the 12v battery. I didn't have any issues.
  5. thcmas35

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I tried loading up my Yamaha Grizzly 700 in my rambox bed for the first time. I was most hesitant about ordering rambox because of this occasional need (guys trip only so no need to trailer the 3 other familer wheelers). My grizzly has aftermarket rims with an offset and measured about 48"...
  6. thcmas35

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    I swear it's granite crystal metallic!
  7. thcmas35

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    Do you have a pic of the tinted tail lights with the granite? Thinking about doing mine. Did you order from Mopar or have it done to the existing lights?
  8. thcmas35

    Passive (auto) Door Lock for 2019 Longhorn?

    I am longing for this feature on the Ram's also. I had it on my 2006 Mazda and 2013 Chevy, but not on any of my Ram's :( I would love to know it it is possible to program somehow.
  9. thcmas35

    New wheels are here!

    I getting tint done tonight ... Finally. I hoped to take better pictures and post, but don't what to hi-jack @rsmeanie thread!
  10. thcmas35

    New wheels are here!

    Good choice: Mine are +1 offset and 20". They didn't have the 22" available. I had to get on the phone to order these from DT in May. I am happy with them. I think they look better in person.
  11. thcmas35

    Trying to decide what wheel & tire size for lift

    I have 305/55/20 which measure 33"x 12.5" Nitto Ridge Grapplers. They are a non-LT tire (max size non-LT tire). Not cheap though. I think I paid $325 a tire or so. With the wider tire, I got an offset of +1 vs the stock +19 offset, so that they have a little more room. Had them on for a few...
  12. thcmas35

    Granite crystal metallic thread

    We have a near identical build. I blacked out all tailgate chrome and love it. I also removed the chrome mirror caps and replaced with painted. Was simple to do with suction cup method (search for how to thread). I want to do the grill as painted but it's not a priority right now. Also...
  13. thcmas35

    Revel Performance lift links for air ride suspension

    Agree - that is correct
  14. thcmas35

    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    If I recall correctly @Edwards, I believe our trucks were nearly identical (except for paint color). I was going to take it easy on mods for a while because it can be a sickness that doesn't end, but I bit the bullet and ordered one the other day. Seemed like one of those 'required items' that...
  15. thcmas35

    Changed Dash Speakers To Kickers...WOW!

    Trying to follow along - what did you replace the center speaker with? Still an infinity? Model number?
  16. thcmas35

    Revel Performance lift links for air ride suspension

    I like my 33's. I like a wider tire also. Mine measure 33x12.5. Offset or wheel spacer might be better if you want to go wider tire. I have a +1 offset which compares to +19 stock, so my stance is ~.75" wider on each side. I went as big as I could without getting to a heavy/rough LT tire...
  17. thcmas35

    My Initial Towing Thoughts

    Thanks for sharing your towing experience. I towed my 7x16 enclosed trailer with 3 atvs and was getting around 10mpgs, lower from my last two rams with the same engine. I had to shut off the auto braking. It was particularly annoying with snow on the ground or backing out of downward sloping...
  18. thcmas35

    Which level/lift option for Air Ride is best?

    Here is the post I did when I put them on in May. My wife and I have received lots of compliments on them. I looked all winter at black wheels and switched to grey last minute when I found these. Uploaded several pics here...
  19. thcmas35

    Revel Performance lift links for air ride suspension

    Yep I am looking. Just got a quote today. I'll reach out to him. Thanks!
  20. thcmas35

    2019+ Rams with Lifts/Levels, and/or aftermarket wheel tire setups

    Stock is +19mm (from the hub). A 1 offset pokes out 18mm more or .7" on each side, so that's prob what you want. See wheel-size.com for visual before and after calcs. Also check out customoffset.com gallery to look at others. My setup is +1 and pokes out slightly.