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    Wireless Carplay - Anybody Tried this?

    Do you use legit mifi certified aftermarket cables? I have used a variety of Amazon Basic cables with no problems at all. Unrelated, I don’t ever see this wireless add on ever working. I’m shocked anyone got it to work once. If for no other reason Apple is not going to license this thing so...
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    Forward collision sensors malfunction on overhead metal structures/overpasses.

    This happened to me three times going on the Commodore Barry bridge from PA to NJ. Then twice coming back. It’s one of those erector set kind of bridges. It was freaking me out and annoying my wife. I completely forgot about it until I read this. It was a sunny day and traffic wasn’t real heavy...
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    Steering not returning from slight left

    I had posted this somewhere in that bigger thread. On my second trip in for the problem they reset some steering software that learns. It seemed to make the problem better. once it readapted the mechanical failure of the rack just caused it to happen again. The amazing part is that there is...
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    Mini muffler add on for travel?

    Now that is some proper engineering. Perhaps just some manual zoomies to do the same thing with less work. Climb under, flip a lever, and no muffler.
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    Using Pandora over bluetooth

    Valid point. Wireless CarPlay exists. Just starting to show up now. I think Mercedes has them so they should be standard in a few years. It seems like things are transitioning to a better system but there are a few bumps along the way.
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    You’ll laugh at this

    I thought I was the only one with a big ugly sheet of siding insulating foam at the front of my garage. I also use the squishing foam to know where to stop. It leaves me less than 2 inches of clearance from the door to the rear bumper.
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    Using Pandora over bluetooth

    Subaru’s and possibly other makes have a native pandora app in the infotainment system that allows this. However CarPlay has supplanted this. What I mean is that if you have CarPlay enabled the native app doesn’t work. So the RAM has CarPlay/Android Auto which means it doesn’t need the native...
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    Oil change??

    I know everyone has got an opinion on this but I prefer to go with the manufacturer who warranties it and their engineers. Very interesting exchange with the dealership at my first oil change. Truck let it go to near 10k miles. I go to pay and I ask the guy why the bill is so low. Turns out they...
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    Oil change??

    Do you have that somewhere in writing? I have never seen that. Perhaps it is a dealership specific thing?
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    Aftermarket Brake Pads

    I want aftermarket pads because I have just started getting the dreaded squeal and it will be easier for me to change my pads than to deal with the dealership on an issue that is hard to reliably reproduce. I also don’t want them cutting my rotors when the pads are the problem. So I appreciate...
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    Stake hole cover removal

    It depends on what you are actually removing them for and how much material you want to remove. I was installing stake pocket rings and used the Bull Ring Stake Pocket Cut-Out Tools for both front and rear. It made it almost brainless and very quick. But you have to have a portable router. If I...
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    CarPlay Wireless - Trucks are prepped - FCA,Turn on Please!!

    While I would love wireless carplay, what possible motive would FCA have for retrofitting a significant new feature into already sold trucks? It is all risk and no reward. Even if we were willing to pay a subscription fee for it I still wouldn't see them doing new development on an existing...
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    FCA Just CANCELLED my order.

    There is a bit of a misunderstanding between you and the dealer. Prices are locked in at the time of order with current incentives UNLESS the incentives get better at time of delivery. So technically there is a scenario where it is not locked. That is assuming you got some type of paperwork...
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    Steering no return to center (left turns)

    As others have said, involve ramcares. My dealer could not duplicate the issue either until they got involved. Perhaps coincidence perhaps not. One more part of my experience. After they finally replaced the rack they couldn’t get the steering wheel straight. Apparently there is some computer...
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    Steering no return to center (left turns)

    You don’t email them per se. you send them a private message from this forum. Type The @ symbol followed by RamCares as the user you are sending the PM to. They will respond with an information request and you are off and running. That’s what I did and they got involved in my case.
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    Cargo bag on top of a hard tonneau cover

    Thanks but I don’t understand how you use these with a bed cover since they mount inside the bed. Im probably giving away a million dollar idea here but if someone would just step up and do it at least I could buy it: this is exactly what I need but it has to mount in the stake pockets. I want...
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    Cargo bag on top of a hard tonneau cover

    The three other passengers need the seat space. I will keep an eye out for any flexing and reinforce it if I see issues. Perhaps just a piece of plywood from bed wall to bed wall under the bag could also help support without interfering with the folding of my cover. The cover sits flat enough I...
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    Bed 'Slots' and other tricks?

    All these years I have been using something rolled up like scrap carpet to do that. Thanks.