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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Clipping the wire to one of the microphones worked until “they find a fix.” But of course now we have a 40k plus truck without a key selling feature. Please post what you find out on the lemon law side.
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    I have the tradesmen with the 6 speaker base system. There’s no fix as of yet from FCA other then what they did to my truck.
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    Ready Lift - 2" leveling kit with Ready Lift control arms

    2” RL with UCA went on today, drives great! I noticed a gray sleeve towards the top of the coils, was this thing on the back side and I’m only noticing it now since the coils were spun?
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    How to: modify wheel wells for larger tires/Negative offsets

    Did a variation of this today. Only I didn’t trim the metal off just bent that piece back, put everything back together. thinking I gained about 1/4” clearance from that. I don’t have the fender flares so the plastic mud flap piece is slightly different. 2” leveling and 295/70r18 with method -12...
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Agreed!!! But I’ve yet to hear from FCA regarding this issue. They’re working on it according to the dealer but...
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Took the truck in to the dealer today. They followed instructions from FCA and cut one of the microphone wires to disable the ANC. Noise is gone. Now to wait and see if FCA comes up with a fix.
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Hopefully the new amp works for you, it didn’t do anything in my case. I’m going in to get the wires clipped tomorrow and of course I expect what you stated, no more drone noise but more road noise etc. I don’t know what the fix will be to actually get ANC back without the drone noise or when...
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Same issue here, dealer flashed the amp as it said to do in one of the tsb’s, made the noise worse. They then replaced the amp, noise was still there. Dealer says they’ve opened a STAR case and have been told by FCA that there are 4K RAMs identified that have this issue and they do not have a...
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    Motofab 2.5” leveling kit installed

    What does the ball joint angle look like?