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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    I have the exact same issue. I live and work near the dealership i purchased from and the next time it happens, I am bringing in without shutting it off and post whatever answers/fixes I receive.
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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    Not an aux or external device. I didnt have my phone on me first time I heard it. Shut the radio off to listen first time I heard it because my first inclination was an engine/exhaust issue. It's in the cab. Truck has 500 miles on it. Maybe needs to be broken in a bit for MPG, but no way it...
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    Loud Rumbling/Revving Noise

    I've had my 2019 bighorn crew cab for 2-weeks and had the same humming problem that seemed electronic to me as well. Called the dealership and they were clueless to any fixes of any kind for a 2019 ram. it's happened twice and shutting truck off and back on temporarily fixes. Also, anyone...