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    Tint Disaster #2

    Named this tint disaster # 2 because there is a separate thread regarding a similar issue. My girl bought me a gift card for my birthday to get my windows tinted, I was super excited as I had just put on the 6" lift and 37's a couple weeks prior, it just needed the tint... I go 2 days after my...
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    Tint disaster

    **** idk man, let it sit over night and still not starting... getting towed to the dealership in the morning.
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    Tint disaster

    Older thread but I'm dealing with the same issue.. I think. Just got my widows tinted (front windshield too) and my truck will not start. All lights on the dash came on but it kept saying "vehicle not in park". The truck would not let me cycle the ignition to the OFF position and the brake...