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    Upper glove box light

    How difficult is it to take apart?
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    Power folding mirror broken

    I think the same thing is happening with mine. Has anyone else had an issue with the defroster on the affected mirror as well?
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    4WD Auto vs. 2WD normal driving - Poll

    Nice! Thanks for all the replies. The reason I did ask is because we did finally get some snow. I’ll try without and then with. It’s nice to know it can engage while moving. Thanks again.
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    4WD Auto vs. 2WD normal driving - Poll

    I have. 19 Bighorn Crewcab btw
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    4WD Auto vs. 2WD normal driving - Poll

    Ok umb question, because I know I could probably read the manual but this is my first 4x4. What steps do I need to follow to to put it in auto 4wd? I’m assuming I need to be in park and just push the auto button?