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  1. K

    What makes your Rebel different!

    Awesome truck, I went the same route a couple years back with the graphics. Installed the lift and tires last year.
  2. K

    Sway Bar Link Pins/Bushing upgrade for 2019-2022 Ram 1500

    Just replaced my front bushings after hearing the clunking noise after awhile. Definitely don't hear it anymore but I believe my rear ones need to be replaced. Anyone know if the rear stabilizer bar bushings are the same 36mm as the front? I tried looking online but can't seem to find out.
  3. K

    Post your Rebel pics!

  4. K

    Borla ATAK vs Borla S Type vs Touring?

    I have the ATAK as well and love it...cold starts are the best. The cab is so quiet in the Ram's that I don't hear drone.
  5. K

    Borla Atak vs S-type

    +1 for the ATAK. I have a 19 rebel and after listening to sound clips and watching videos, I was sold on the sound of the ATAK. Cold starts are amazing and sounds amazing on hard acceleration. It will definitely turn some heads but the exhaust sound is quiet while just cruising and doesn't...
  6. K

    Who has the borla atak exhsust?

    I did the exact same as Jameslavis posted, I love the exhaust sound. Cold start ups are awesome and I love the tone of the exhaust. A lot of my friends say "damn it's so loud", but after hearing it on the truck they all agree it's the right sound for the hemi. I was hesitant at first with my...
  7. K

    Post your Rebel pics!

    I ordered it in October 2018, got it in March of 2019. I bought the decals on eBay and had a shop here install them. From my knowledge it is the only Rebel in Hawaii with the Rebel 12 package Let me know if you have any more questions, happy to help in
  8. K

    Post your Rebel pics!

    At my food truck in Hawaii @DimNDenSum
  9. K

    Mopar Custom Shop, Graphics???

    What's the part number you have and do you have a pic of the decal?
  10. K

    Where is everyone from?

    Kaua'i, Hawai'i
  11. K

    Hey 6-12 Posse, what mods are planned for the new trucks?

    Ordered the N-Fab Nerf Bars textured color, was debating on a bunch of steps even the Amp Research, but wanted something that would protect on door dings. The parking spaces here on our island are terrible. Are you ordering steps?
  12. K

    Hey 6-12 Posse, what mods are planned for the new trucks?

    Got these vinly white decals for the grille, side steps come in tomorrow
  13. K

    Hawaii's 1st Rebel 12 Finally Sailed in!

    Ordered the truck from the dealership back on October 18th, built and sat in Michigan on November 20th for 2 weeks, then went cross country to California where it was at loading docks for another 2 weeks. Got loaded on a boat and made its way to the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii picked up 2/6 To my...
  14. K

    Hey 6-12 Posse, what mods are planned for the new trucks?

    Tint, exhaust and put a baby seat in the back lol
  15. K

    Just ordered Rebel 12...wait time?

    Great forum and glad I found you guys. I ordered my Rebel on 10/18 called my dealer yesterday to ask for VIN or VON, they couldn't provide either but assured me the vehicle is being built not sure why they couldn't provide the information but I am all the way out in Hawaii so my wait time will...