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    Did you like the look of the 2019 rams at first?

    Looks just like a Toyota Tundra on the outside, interior and tech there’s no comparison
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    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    This forum has given me the hebee jebees, after Christmas I’m going to cancel my bighorn order and wait for the 2020’s
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    Shut down over Christmas holidays

    Thanks Bernie’s, is shipping separate contractor from FCA I haven’t been Through this process hence the dumb questions
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    Shut down over Christmas holidays

    So it seems there will be a two week shut down over Christmas. My truck is built waiting for shipping so now my question is how does the plant being down affect shipping times. Will it create time for shipping to catch up or will shipping be even slower?
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    Shut down over Christmas holidays

    Mason, 10 days in a row = money in the bank. Hoping you don’t get burned out, and have time to spend with family over the holidays
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    To debadge or Not to de badge?

    Why debadge, your truck might be mistaken for a Toyota. lol
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    Shut down over Christmas holidays

    Will production on 2019 rams shut down over Christmas Holidays. Being a noob here curious because that’s the time my will truck be built or ready for shipping . Hoping it won’t effect either, would love a Christmas Present
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    We can now provide our own in house order tracking!

    Tracking gone for good? Or just on stand by
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    FCA Outsells Ford.

    Possible because the 2019 f150 hasn’t hit the dealerships yet
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    Hi yall, just joined and happy thanksgiving. Ordered my 2019 ram bighorn on 11/08 /18 . Hoping for a Christmas present!