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    You may, or may not, need to recalibrate for lane keeping and distance cruise control. Mine when it was replaced, was spot on and did not need to go to the dealer.
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    new headlights "all ready"?

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    Check Your Fender Flares.

    These areas of the rear fenders and lower body panels in front of the rear wheels need to be supplied with a factory, thicker paint protective product like many vehicles have, such as the Grand Cherokee. This is the only problem I have discovered with my Longhorn. A major goof in my opinion, one...
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    Mishimoto R&D: RAM 1500 5.7L V8 Catch Can Kit

    This thread has been very interesting. Glad I did not order from this vendor....terrible communication and follow through. There is a lesson here for other vendors and future customers.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Something sounds wrong with that to me. To think that you need a special housing for different gear ratios is very strange from a parts inventory perspective. You might need a different carrier for the gears, or different type of gears for the front carrier but to have a totally different...
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    Moe's Performance - What am I getting into?

    Mopar makes the 3.55 ratio for the Pentastar powered trucks so you could use factory gears if you wanted. I would look at the Eaton True Track instead of factory anti-slip for a lot of reasons. A pretty big project for your first attempt to do gears and the new diff. It can be done, but having a...
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    AEV package for 5th Gen?

    I have read where some folks have questioned AEV's close relationship with FCA. AEV had to wait (unlike in the past) to get the new Wrangler JL to develop their products and accesories. Some of the old Jeep engineers have left AEV I hear, plus the interest with working on products for GM may...
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    Catch Can Install - Hemi

    Gondul, Is the ebay one you bought the same as the one below your post? When you input our trucks it says does not fit ours. Just curious....and have you experienced any issues with yours? Thanks!
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    Trailer Tow Mirror Debacle: SOLVED ! ............... (warning: contains graphic images )

    For myself...anyone who would go to that extreme expense over power folding mirrors must really, really love power folding mirrors. There is no explanation for some folks obsessions. And then back to an old outdated Ford platform. Hope he enjoys those very expensive mirrors.
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    What differential is standard on the Ram 1500

    My choice for an add on limited slip would be the Eaton True Track instead of a factory anti-spin. The TT is helical gear driven and works great. It will last the life of the truck...and more. No clutches to wear out.
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    SPOTTED: 2019 Ram 2500 Tradesman Power Wagon Testing:

    Makes sense. On Wranglers the Sirius antenna is above the passenger seat and when mounting a large , say, Gobi rack that antenna must be moved to a different place for good Sirius reception.
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    SPOTTED: 2019 Ram 2500 Tradesman Power Wagon Testing:

    I would guess the two antennas would merge together and to the rear of the cab when the cab gets the next total makeover..... whenever that is. Maybe?
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Could that post air filter possibly be for water intrusion? Many after market open element filters offer a cloth like cover to prevent a certain degree of water into the intake. Just wondering......
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    275/60/20 on oem 20'' wheel?

    Extra ground clearance if you go off road. Even 1/2 inch extra can mean the difference between clearing a rock or other obstacle. Peeling back a differential cover and losing the lube, can make for a very bad day. Street dwellers usually do not worry about clearance issues.
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    Trucks with and without Anti-Spin

    No way to know for sure unless you try that one hill. Snow is one thing, ice another and maybe the anti spin or the true track might not help on ice. Snow, maybe.
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    Trucks with and without Anti-Spin

    If you really like/want that particular truck, you could always add an Eaton true track to the rear differential later. It would be better IMHO than the anti-spin as the true track is helical gear driven and has no clutches to wear out. You may be able to do fine without anything else. Just a...
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    Installing helper bags....PITA!!!!

    Timber Grove seems like a good way to go for air bags. I will add them to my short list of mods.
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    Trucks with and without Anti-Spin

    In the discussion of the anti-spin it should be remembered the traction control system of the truck. I bet the folks with anti-spin could not tell whether that system or the traction control was responsible for getting traction and what percentage each system provided said traction. The...
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    Anti–Spin Differential Rear Axle

    I am glad Ram offers the 4 wheel auto option. It helps in varying on road conditions in a way 4 wheel locked options do not, inspiring confidence while driving in bad weather. The elocker in my opinion should always be chosen over the limited slip option. It brings sure traction to the rear...