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    Anyone come from a 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra

    Owned several GM vehicles of the years, not because of band loyalty, but rather I just liked their exterior and interior design. My last GM truck was a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 4X4, unfortunately I never bond with it. Specifically the shifting patterns and transmission clunk when...
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    Any PDR guys on here?

    True statement. My PDR guy said he would need to drill a small hole in the door jamb for the above reason. I looked to see where the hole was, but couldn't find it, so it must be under the weather seal.
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    Any PDR guys on here?

    $225 for the repair. Long story, but the damage was from a day laborer waiting in his car. It was a windy day, so I assume the wind caught his door and blew it into my truck. He was gone when I can out of the store, but my luck changed when I went back to pick up more supplies and saw him...
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    Any PDR guys on here?

    Completely fixable by PDR. I had an asshat do the same to my RAM in the Home Depot parking lot. Same place and about the same depth on the seam. Our local PDR guy removed it no problem.
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    Drivers side Sun Visor broken

    Same issue here. Driver side visor was loose and would swing into my head while turning, eventually popping out of the mount directly into my line of sight. This is DEFINITLY a safety issue. Only 5700 miles on the odometer. And to top if off, my rear window started leaking after it's first...
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    Dealer Damage

    Congrats on the new truck, and glad to hear your dealership made things right. I have to agree with the above posts, either drugs were a factor or a possible medical condition. There's no other explanation for that type of accident.
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    Had dealership install Mopar 2 inch lift on my 2019 ram

    Yes, the AC kit sounds about right. Upgraded shocks, UCA, bolts, etc., but definitely NO puck spacers involved (in the front). My truck still has a rake, which I prefer, since I carry motorcycles in the back quite often. Do you have the stock ORP? If so, the stiffer front springs can...
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    Power running boards?

    factory installed? You might have an issue. I have aftermarket AMP steps on my truck and they deploy immediately upon opening the door.
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    Had dealership install Mopar 2 inch lift on my 2019 ram

    That's very odd. I have the same factory lift (fox shocks) with up graded BFG AT tires (34") and my truck drives great. It is firmer than stock, but definitly not harsh in any way. I would check your tire pressure as mentioned above. Maybe you have a frozen shock or some type of defective...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Thanks for the info.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I have a set in my garage ready to install and dont like the idea of drilling holes in the pinch welds for the AMP lights. What lights did you order? Waterproof I assume?
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    Trying to disable the tilt-down feature on my 2019 Ram mirrors when backing up.

    Copy, regarding the sport mirrors. I have a Jan / 2020 build date with Navigation, so the change must have been the result of an OTA update.
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    Trying to disable the tilt-down feature on my 2019 Ram mirrors when backing up.

    Hum, interesting. My truck is the same model, but 2020 and I haven't been to the dealership since purchase. I assumed it was an OTA update. ??? Now, my truck came with tow mirrors and I did switch them to OEM sport mirrors that have the same features, plus auto dimming on the right mirror...
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    Trying to disable the tilt-down feature on my 2019 Ram mirrors when backing up.

    Resurrecting an old thread. As discussed above, having BOTH mirrors tilt down instead of just the right mirror when in reverse is a PITA. I turned the feature back on yesterday and now ONLY the right side mirror tilts down. Apparently this has been address with a software update. Woohoo, score...
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    Do I have to carry the key everywhere?

    The OP may have specific reasons for not wanting to carry a FOB while out and about, so to say its stupid is a bit much. For example I surf, therefore we surfers can not carry a FOB in our shorts or wetsuits while out in the water. Back in the day, before smart FOBs, one could simply tether...
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    Dash and UConnect Brightness

    Yup, completely agree. This is my number one complaint with this truck. Full max setting is too bright at night and too dim when set below max. Come on FCA, this is an easy fix!
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    Arm Rest Organizer is here

    Just received my console organizers, top and bottom, and they're great! Very sturdy, well made, and fit like a glove. Tell your son thanks!
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    Anyone else annoyed by the "side pockets" on the center console? Ideas for them?

    Actually it looks like a right hand IWB (inside waist band) holster. I'm right handed and occasionally keep mine in the same location.
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    How long do you let your truck warm up?

    I've often thought about this topic. Sometimes I let is idle for 5 minutes via the remote start, other times I warm up the engine only long enough for the idle to drop.