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    Rebel Spare Tire

    Just realized it myself too on 19 Ram Rebel..Have 34,000 miles and wanted to measure current thread depth to original.. Cheaper rim and tire saves weight and less incentive for theft. My spare tire rim is aluminum.. I usually start looking for tires after 40 but seems to plenty of meat left..
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    Pennsylvania Weight Class Sticker

    After getting wrong information from the dealer and stuck with the class 3...I went to the experts (my local AAA) and dropped it 100 lbs to class 2 (7,000). No more surprises at the toll booths...It is a Rebel with e-torque and the door sticker seems to be 500 lbs less.
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    They had to reorder the part....Saying now it will be in Feb 15th....Any one else having a long wait
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    Yup!!! It seems dealer ordered and installed wrong part....Part manager said they are calling to find out..Waiting for their call...Black Friday shopping with parking lot speed bumps, bang bang bang...Imagine on a rocky road...Thank You !! will keep you posted....If it wasn't my truck it might...
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    They honored mine but installed the wrong step.....
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    Dealer just installed my bed step....Its all wrong...Drove home 133 miles and heard bang bang bang...Thanks to your thread it seems they ordered and installed a single exhaust old generation accessory..It hits exhaust pipe...