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  1. J

    CarPlay and Amazon music

    I’m wondering if the whole problem is related only to Amazon Music Unlimited and not the regular Amazon Music. Amazon Music Unlimited plays its songs as a FLAC file, and as of 2020, the Ram still doesn’t play FLAC files, or so I’ve heard. So, are those of u having problems using Amazon Music...
  2. J

    anyone put the rebel rim on a Limited?

    I was thinking getting winter tires and rims and thought the Rebel 18” would be a good option. I’ve read elsewhere that the 18” rebel wheel fits.
  3. J

    Ram 1500 orders - Tell Us About Yours!

    2019 Limited Crew 4x4 Diamond Black 6’4" bed 5.7 Hemi w/eTorque 3.92 w/ E-Locker Limited Level 1 Equipment Group Bed Step larger Fuel Tank Trailer Brake Control Body Color Bumper Sunroof Ordered: 12/15/2018 Received today!! 02/15/2019 60 days
  4. J

    Order Tracking

    My build date is the day it came out of inspection and moved to KZ status.
  5. J

    Order Tracking

    Maybe check the VIN number. If it’s the same, you should ask some questions, if it’s different, then it was probably rebuilt.
  6. J

    Order Tracking

    My dealer just sent me this!!!! Picking her up on Friday!
  7. J

    Order Tracking

    My black Limited order went in on December 15th. Went to D1 between Christmas and New Year, with a shipping date of January 18th. On the 18th it went into the inspection code, then on the 22nd it moved to KZ. Today I found out it is KZT which means it's at least traveling the rails somewhere...
  8. J

    Order Tracking

    Thanks for last two links!!! Worked great. Got the window sticker and the build sheet. My truck is KZ so it’s done, but not sure where in the shipping yet. Ordered Dec 15 so might be 6-7 weeks from order to delivery. That’s not bad.
  9. J

    Order Tracking

    Well, my truck might sit at the rail yards too. I wasn’t given the code, dealer just told me it’s marked for shipping now. I can’t seem to get a code out of FC in Canada. The dealer has been keeping me informed, sending me the order sheet. I’ll ask for the latest sheet because it’ll have the...
  10. J

    Order Tracking

    Just found out my Limited passed inspection and is now marked for shipping. Ordered on Dec 15th. Between Christmas and New Years the shipping date was set for January 18th. Looks like they hit it dead on!