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    Fender Flares for ‘19 1500

    I had the dealership order and paint them for me. They did a great job matching the paint but I do think it's a bit brighter or due to the angle they seem to reflect more light. Not noticeable unless you look for it. Wayne Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk
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    Fender Flares for ‘19 1500

    Ditto on the bushwackers
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    OHelp choosing rim offset

    I could use some guidance in choosing the right Rim offset / width for my situation. I have a 2019 ram sport and plan on going with the ready lift 3.5" Mickey thompson baja atz p3 35 12.5 20 And I also plan on having bushwacker pocket flares installed. I would like as aggressive stance as I can...
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    Bushwackers or not need help

    I'm changing the tires to mickey thompson baja atz p3 35 12.5 20 Wayne
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    Bushwackers or not need help

    I am purchasing a new truck and it already has the lift rims and tires. I really like the look of color matched bushwacker rivet pocket fender flares but I'm not sure if the tires stick out far enough to look good. From what I have read they have 2.5" of tire coverage and it looks like the...