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  1. Schindlerslist

    The single biggest reason I ordered the Longhorn instead of the Limited......

    Your asking everyones personal preference, so your going to get varied results. For me, I got the Laramie Longhorn for the exact reason you stated. I originally had my sights set on the Limited but when i was at the dealership in person, I thought that the black/brown Laramie Longhorn was by far...
  2. Schindlerslist

    12 inch Screen blackouts after going in reverse

    Thanks very much for the workaround, Im pretty tech savvy as i've built my own computers and such but im sure you have wayyy more knowledge than I do about this stuff. Thanks for the advice I'll try it if it acts up again. I took my truck into the dealer, and they were doing a recall and also I...
  3. Schindlerslist

    12 inch Screen blackouts after going in reverse

    I have the exact same issue everyone is reporting here. Uconnect screen turns off after going into reverse but is still fully functional and will even beep when the screen is pressed as if its recognizing the touch. The headlight knob does bring the screen back to life but its only a temporary...
  4. Schindlerslist

    Apple Music/Bluetooth

    Apple Car play doesn’t happen via Bluetooth. But what you are showing a pic of is Apple Music playing via Bluetooth.I get it can be confusing. You can listen to you Apple Music via Apple Car Play or via Bluetooth just like your doing now. The way you use apple car play is you plug in your phone...
  5. Schindlerslist

    2019 ram problems

    There is a huge majority of people who love their truck but never go on forums or online and post about their experience. I cant vouch for everyone, but I can tell you my own experience. This is the best car I’ve ever owned. I purchased it in February and still to this day I’m excited to drive...
  6. Schindlerslist

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Hey Man, Yea it was out the door and it was in February. 63k msrp. Longhorn was fully loaded, the only things it didn't have was a sunroof or the controllable air suspension. Im sure if you're looking you could probably find a slightly used one online for less.
  7. Schindlerslist

    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I just bought my Laramie longhorn last month. 63k msrp, Picked it up for 51,000