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    2022 Limited Clunking Noise

    I'll add to this post as well. I've got the clunk I can feel on my 2023 Laramie with only 4800 miles on it. Of course dealer couldn't reproduce it. I changed my sway bar bushings out which did seem to make it slightly better, but it's still there on mine. So the bushings are not the answer for...
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    Ignition swtich fuse?

    I unfortunately learned this same lesson when I first began working with 12v systems. Definitely unhook and discharge any battery power before doing anything lol.
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    Rumble in seat when idling?

    Still trying to gather ideas of what could be the problem. On my 2023 Laramie, only 4800 miles on it, I have a noticeable rumble / shake I can feel in my drivers seat when I'm idling with the truck in gear. There is no fluctuation in my RPMs when this is happening. If I turn auto stop/start on...
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    Clunk no-more

    Add me to the clunk sounds / feeling. My 2023 has been having one ever since having the Bilstein 5100s installed. I can feel it through my steering wheel and pedals when going over bumps as low speeds. Dealership of course said they couldn't find anything out of the ordinary and didn't feel the...
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    Front-End Clunk/Rattle - 2020 Ram Rebel

    Just following up with this - I went back and rechecked/tightened anything that was taken apart when I did the Bilstein 5100s. My noise did seem to decrease, but I do still occasionally hear/feel the clunk. I just changed my sway bar bushings out with the red ones from Amazon I saw a lot of...
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    Alignment after Level

    I'm interested in hearing if having the alignment done to the Mopar 2" level specs fixes anything. I too have the Bils 5100s set at 2.1". I feel like after my alignment, the truck actually pulled more. I'm also battling the famous clunk sound coming from the front. I have the new bushings...
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    LASFIT Lighting 22in. Amber Lightbar

    I've got the white version on my truck and also put one on my dads. I agree with everything you said. It's a quality product that is affordable and does look like it'll stand up to the test of time.
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    Also, you're on a 5th gen Ram forum....2017 would be a 4th gen. May want to join that forum for better responses to other questions you may have.
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    Front-End Clunk/Rattle - 2020 Ram Rebel

    I’m here because I’m having a similar clunk in my front end on my 2023 Laramie. I’ve also got the Bils 5100s up front set at 2.1. I’m going to re-torque everything Saturday since I never did it after having the kit installed almost a year ago. I’ve taken it to the dealer and of course they say...
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    Successfully Enabled OEM Remote Start

    @Jimmy07 hopefully chimes in, he may know. He's the expert on this stuff. Have you looked under the hood and checked to see if the connection is there and just needing the actual latch sensor? If so, that should be relatively easy to obtain.
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    Multiple Concerns, dealer can’t replicate any.

    I thought it could be my radio too, but I turned it completely off and the feeling is still there while idling.
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    Multiple Concerns, dealer can’t replicate any.

    The dealer did recommend I run the recirculating on mine, which I typically don’t. I’ll see if that makes any difference with the odor issue.
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    Vibration help

    My new tires seemed to fix my issue about 98%. I still notice some shaking and vibrating but it’s not all the time. So I’m thinking it’s just certain roads I travel on causing it. I’m done chasing it on my truck unless it worsens.
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    Multiple Concerns, dealer can’t replicate any.

    So I dropped my 2023 Laramie 4x4 with only 4500 miles on at the dealer this morning for multiple concerns. Of course they can’t replicate any of it. Have any of you experience any of the below issues and if so, did you find the cause? 1. I’m feeling a “clunk” in my steering wheel and pedals...
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    Serious question. For those buying new, are you waiting for a leak or just going ahead and caulking everything?

    Just on amazon. plenty of different options on there. Just get one that is actual rubber instead of foam. Foam will absorb water and eventually let it drip into the cab.
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    Serious question. For those buying new, are you waiting for a leak or just going ahead and caulking everything?

    Only thing I do as far as preventative is I put a thicker, rubber gasket on my 3rd brake light. Did that on my 2019, 2021 (which did eventually develop the rear window frame crack) and on my current 2023. No issues so far on my 2023 and have had it right at a year.
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    Successfully Enabled OEM Remote Start

    1. You can NOT program a new key with Alfa, it has to be done at the dealer, an experienced lock-smith or you can buy a fancy expensive key programmer. 2. I'm not sure on adding the hood latch connection if you don't already have it. 3. Yes, the tailgate will work also if you got a fob that...
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    Yes, just have to activate the functions with Alfa or Tazer, or have your dealer flash the computer.
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    Tow Mirror Swap

    Any sport style mirrors from a 5th gen 1500 will fit your truck. Just make sure you find a set with the same features your current mirrors has if you want to retain them.