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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    Interesting real world fuel economy test.... I only get 19.6 on my ancient supercharged hemi with no highway driving.
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    I know where the engine is built. I'm sure the UAW knows nothing about it's issues was the point. It's just funny how defensive people can be on these forums. Pride and ego's.
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    I don't see why there's an issue comparing a supercharged 5.7 to a turbocharged 3.0 I6? They are both modified with boost...no? Too bad they didn't put direct injection in the Hemi, they could have saved millions over the Hurricane investment. The peeps saying newer DI motors don't have...
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    So me getting over +150 HP/Torque and 2mpg better than stock is a fluke with a Procharger on my 5.7? I haven't even tried to get decent mileage or it would probably be 3-4 mpg better. I think it's fair to compare a supercharged 5.7 to a turbocharged Hurricane, besides the Hurricane benefits...
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    If I have a tonneau cover, can I take road trips with luggage and not worry about theft/water leakage?

    I've had 3 Truxport soft roll up tonneau covers on 3 different Rams. Fairly cheap and work well. Can roll the whole thing up quickly to haul large items. Not one has leaked or been broken into thanks to like others said, "Out of site out of mind". Tailgate lock helps a lot too, but yeah...
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    TRX Envy

    This is exactly why I purchased a Procharger for my Ram. I love the TRX, but I could have 2 night edition bighorns Procharged for the price of one TRX. Dealing with 12 mpg compared to 19 mpg doesn't make sense for me, especially running 93.
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    Take that 3.92 gas mileage doubters!

    I forgot to mention that was hauling 400-600 lbs. of tools and supplies the entire time.
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    Take that 3.92 gas mileage doubters!

    I've found my displayed MPG to be almost spot on with hand calculated. This is strictly from country road and some city driving with multiple stops at 55 mph+/-. Over 2 week period to and from job sites. Summer 93 gas, 3.92 and getting on it a few times per trip. Can't have a blown Hemi...
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    Oil Change Intervals

    1st change on new engine 1,000 miles. After that every 3,000-4,000 depending on how beat up and busy I am with work. Valvoline or Pennzoil full synthetic with Wix XP filter. Empty catch cans in both trucks at 2,000 miles. According to the window sticker oil change reminder, our new Mojave...
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    Spark plug change - 2019 Ram 1500 w/ 5.7

    NGK 92145 Laser Iridium; Pre-Set Gap: 0.044" on Rock Auto $6.57 each + shipping. Always check gaps to be sure. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ram,2019,1500,5.7l+v8,3442267,ignition,spark+plug,7212 The ball socket with magnet is a must, as well as a couple small extensions for the back...
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    Security Thoughts on trucks other than TRX

    Just keep your key fob in a faraday pouch and definitely move the horns. You can bend the thin metal bracket and cut the wire wrap to remount them. Can buy 2 pouches for about $10 and they work very well.
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    Have you done your own plug changes and use NGK? I've had 4 Hemi's and changed all 16 plugs many times without a single issue or plug failure using Champions or NGK, so seems quite odd to me. Is it possibly a bad coil pack?
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    Don't be like me.

    I did the same thing with our 2017 JK after it wouldn't start. Battery, fuses etc.. checked out good, figured it had to be the starter went bad. Went to O'reilly after pulling battery and they tested the battery to be good too. Grabbed a new starter and installed it. Wouldn't start, so...
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    Must be why all my contractor friends and clients like it then. I wondered why I get so many compliments on it.
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    Anyone getting a 2025 with the I6 Hurricane?

    Some of those work trucks are sleepers though ;)
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    2025 Ram 1500 First Drive: No More Hemi

    Had a 91 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD for this exact reason. My Ford Probe GT had gobs of it though. Even had a Subaru XT Turbo 4wd that looked like a slice of cheese going down the road. That car was great in the snow though. That was back when I thought a 15 second quarter mile time was fast and...
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    2025 Ram 1500 First Drive: No More Hemi

    I was actually wrong on the 26 psi for the High Output Hurricane....it's 28 psi. That's just a lot for 100,000+ miles. I consider the Hellcat motor one of the best built motors for boost and they make 11 psi stock.
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    Running High Coolant temp

    There's also the chance the T-stat is bad even being new. Stant sold out years ago. They used to be the best, but not so much anymore. My 180 Stant temps varied greatly, so I purchased another from Rock Auto, a GATES 34253S 180 premium and it's worked very well. You really should program...
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    If you need a great Hemi tuner....

    Pretty sure it's Diablosport, as he did confirm to me he was one of their original tuners and been at it for 20 years. I have a Trinity 2, but have had (3) i3's before, as well as a Pulsar and they all work well. This is my 3rd Hemi Ram and all have been tuned, this is my first supercharged...
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    If you need a great Hemi tuner....

    I installed it myself. The people I contacted about installation wanted another $3-5K for install. It wasn't too bad, just took my time and double checked everything. Any shadetree mechanic can do it. I posted a thread on these forums about it with my dyno...