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  1. cliffsta

    New rules from the EPA

    Replace another with “all”
  2. cliffsta

    Laissez les bon temps rouler

    Lafayette, LA here! Lots of nice 5th gens around town, as well as some TRXs.
  3. cliffsta

    Looks like another OTA update came out today

    Mine came through last night. I was still on 25.48 from the factory before this.
  4. cliffsta

    Uconnect T25.51 Update

    I got a notification that an update needed to happen when I arrived at my destination, but I had to turn the truck off since I had somewhere to be. I hope the update prompt comes back on when I leave again. Said that radio and other functions won’t be available. A shame I was on a time crunch...
  5. cliffsta

    Maps update failure!

    Is this legit different than the one from last summer? Someone mentioned the last update was the same file size as that one.
  6. cliffsta

    Uconnect T25.51 Update

    CarPlay wireless connecting is hit or miss as it seems to be for a lot of folks. Sometimes the bottom menus get white artifacts or the buttons turn white. And it’s a crapshoot as to what screen comes up on startup. Sometimes it’s the vehicle tab. Sometimes it’s my home screen. But the system...
  7. cliffsta

    Uconnect T25.51 Update

    Wow. My truck has 25.48 on it. It’s a 2023 built late 2022. So from reading this thread it sounds like I need to ask my dealer to update my software? I’m connected to my home’s WiFi and it’s not getting me any update option. Update: checked the FCA link someone shared on a previous page, put...
  8. cliffsta

    First Look at 2025 Limited Night Edition

    Ramboxes aren’t standard on 2024 and previous limited trucks. Don’t know enough about the new 2025 ones to give any input.
  9. cliffsta

    Air suspension quirk

    Thanks for all of the replies. Glad to hear it is an expected quirk and not something wrong with my truck.
  10. cliffsta

    TFL Trucks - 2025 Ram 1500

    I thought the exact same thing. I looked up TFL EV just for that video and was underwhelmed.
  11. cliffsta

    Post your Rebel pics!

    First wash of 2024. Not perfect but good enough. Also did the interior, including vacuuming under floor mats and treating the leather seats to some maguires.
  12. cliffsta

    TFL Trucks - 2025 Ram 1500

    I prefer my mustache grille on my 2023 😂 I also prefer my N/A Hemi to a small displacement turbo. The only truck I’d consider trading for would be the Ramcharger but even that’s a few years down the road for me. Not quite ready to go electric.
  13. cliffsta

    Air suspension quirk

    2023 Rebel with the air suspension. A little quirk: whenever I manually put the suspension in “aero” mode at like 55 MPH, the truck won’t let me raise it back to normal unless I’m completely stopped. For the most part I never mess with raising or lowering it myself (I let it lower / raise...
  14. cliffsta

    Default startup screen

    I do not. I use wireless CarPlay. Others: I do have CarPlay as the top half widget on my homepage with audio and climate at the bottom. Maybe I’ll try removing it and seeing if it more consistently starts on one page. Remote start or not, mine seems to hop around lol.
  15. cliffsta

    Default startup screen

    I have a 2023 Rebel with the 12” UC5. Absolutely love it. One quirk I’ve found is that when I start the truck, the screen always goes to either the Apps page or the Favorites page. I would much prefer the screen defaults to “Home” since that has the panes set up with what I want. Am I missing a...
  16. cliffsta

    2023 limited digital dash

    Never had this happen with my 23. Randomly the TomTom or map in the dash will be slow to load when I first start the truck, but it’s never slow to load when scrolling to the map while driving or after TomTom loaded upon startup.
  17. cliffsta

    2023 Ram MPG Upgrades - Hemi E-torque

    The AC compressor isn’t on the same belt as the etorque, is it?
  18. cliffsta

    2023 Ram MPG Upgrades - Hemi E-torque

    Staying off the interstate helps too. Much better mileage at 55 than at 70-75. Turning off the AC. Using aero mode if you have air suspension.
  19. cliffsta

    Ram Connect - Why ?

    As nice as it is to have the key fob functions in the app, it just isn’t worth the monthly subscription for me. To each his own, however. Without paying for the subscription, the Ram app is pretty useless. I downloaded the owners manual to my phone already.
  20. cliffsta

    What did you WITH your Ram this weekend

    Did some heavy hauling with my Rebel :ROFLMAO: My wife got me a personal weather station for Christmas, so I grabbed a 10' fence top rail, 50lb bag of Quikrete fast-set, and dug me a hole. My weather station can be found here if interested.