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  1. Malodave

    Are there any high mileage Gen3 Eco's with stock tune on here?

    I am at 65K on my 2021 Laramie. Only had the Rear Parking Sensors stop working, the Minor recalls, and then there is the HPFP Recall. I also have a 125K extended warranty. @ Adam I live in Rindge NH Malodave
  2. Malodave


    M Comma 3 stopped working soon after I purchased it and would not turn on and they replaced it with a new one. I went through 3 Garmin NUVI GPS units that would stop receiving the Satellite signals. Turns out a chip switched failed and would only connect an external antenna instead of the...
  3. Malodave

    "ParkSense Temporarily Unavailable"

    Mine is in that recall, but I will not let them Flash the Truck as I don't use it and it is not acting up. I can steer the Trailer fine. I used to push back Commercial Aircraft at BWI and National Airports. Had a Class B CDL for 25 years and was a Yard Jockey for the Semis. I have even Driven a...
  4. Malodave

    ECO DIESEL Exhaust

    That would be the 50 Gallon, Because it needs the 8 foot bed of the HD trucks. The 33 Gallon works just fine with the DEF tank. Malodave
  5. Malodave

    side mirror help

    I ordered mine with the truck when they were first available for the 1500. The ones on my truck have Running lights, Turn signals, Puddle Lights, Blind Spot, and rear back up lights. They are Power adjustment, tilting in reverse and power folding. Though the Back up lights need the cargo light...
  6. Malodave

    side mirror help

    I got tow Mirrors on my '21 1500 Laramie with the 360 cameras. So it is possible.
  7. Malodave

    Are there any high mileage Gen3 Eco's with stock tune on here?

    2021 Ecodiesel with 65K miles, GDE tune and have been using Hotshots EDT with the fuel since new. I need to clean the MAP sensor to see if that helps with the Mileage I lost. I may have to resize the tires in the BCM too with AlfaOBD. Malodave
  8. Malodave

    Browsing music on android

    I put all my CDs on a 128GB Sandisk USB Drive. No dropouts and no Commercials. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07855LJ99 Malodave
  9. Malodave

    ECO DIESEL Exhaust

    I like the Quiet, but i did get the GDE tune on it. Plus 45 HP, 80 ft/lbs of torque, and some extra mileage. I have to clean the MAP sensor to get some of the mileage back that I had, I will be adding an AUX Fuel tank in the bed holding 72 Gallons. with the 33 Stock tank would give me 105 total...
  10. Malodave

    "ParkSense Temporarily Unavailable"

    I had my rear parking sensors quit on me. I took it in for warranty and spent the next 10 Hours in the service area. The Software updates were not talking to the BCM. There was a STAR case for it and just as they were about to close the shop for the day it started working. I was already in a...
  11. Malodave

    Horn upgrade

    My York 210 Compressor would fill my 9 gallon air tanks from 0 to 200 psi in 3 minutes at idle. The air switch would turn on the compressor when it hit 165 and off at 200. It would take 15 seconds to do that at idle and about 8 seconds if you were driving. The Viair electric Compressor would...
  12. Malodave

    Horn upgrade

    Shocker XL from HornBasters. Unless you want to go full out like i did on my '08 Big Horn with a set of Nathan K5LA Airchimes and engine driven on Board Air with a York 210 AC Compressor to compress the air. See my Avatar Pic and link...
  13. Malodave

    Ram PCM Update/recall

    In NH if the Check Engine Light is out you pass. Other stuff is Brakes, Tires, Heat, and Wiper type things. I do have a spare PCM that I will get cloned with my GDE tune on it. Malodave
  14. Malodave

    HPFP recall issues

    Damn. the Hamsters are in there with Sledge Hammers! Malodave
  15. Malodave

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I stopped by a Brake and Go, Kinda like a Jiffy Lube for Brakes. I needed new front brakes and they Quoted me over $1000 for them. I ran out of that place. I got the Brake Pads and Rotors for about $200 and did it in my front yard in 2 hours with hand tools. This was in January in New...
  16. Malodave

    HELP! 2023 Limited vs. loaded Laramie

    I ordered a Laramie then Optioned it up with everything I wanted and could get. Did not get the Sunroof, MFTG, Ramboxes , or Heads Up Display. If I could have got an 8' bed and 50 Gal Fuel Tank, I would have done it. That Laramie has $5700 worth of options mine Didn't and I got the Ecodiesel...
  17. Malodave

    Diesel additives

    I am using the Hot Shots EDT since new. I am hoping it is keeping the HPFP from eating itself until I can get it replaced with the Recall. Malodave
  18. Malodave

    Recall of High Pressure Fuel Pump

    Just changing the pump is spec'd at 1.8 hours under the recall notice. If the pump ate itself, then everything needs to be changed. The Software update on the rear camera/Trailer steering, Should only take a hour or so. They did a software update for my rear parking sensors that took them 10...
  19. Malodave

    Ram map update

    There is a Map update. I purchased and installed it on my 2021 Laramie built in Nov 2020. Malodave
  20. Malodave

    2021 ecodiesel low oil pressure warning

    When that happened to me the oil filter was not seated properly. Reseated the filter and all was well again. Malodave