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  1. Ope2019

    Official Delmonico Red thread

    Anybody have rebel wheels on their delmonico red? Trying to decide between putting the rebel wheels or 2019 Laramie 20s.
  2. Ope2019

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    Anyone know what the upcharge is for the 3 for 100$ deal is?
  3. Ope2019

    Borla Touring Cat-Back exhaust (#140758) and Borla Performance Resonator (#60667)

    Gotcha, I actually just ordered the Magnaflow cat back street series, so hopefully that is the "quiet" option im looking for
  4. Ope2019

    MagnaFlow Exhaust

    So after reading through tons of threads/comments I have decided on getting the Magnaflow 19429 instead of the Borla Touring cat back since It seemed to be the "quietest" option and was also about 500 dollars cheaper vs.Borla/resonator. I noticed on Magnaflows website it has the street series as...
  5. Ope2019

    Borla Touring Cat-Back exhaust (#140758) and Borla Performance Resonator (#60667)

    How did you manage this setup? Is it just the factory resonator welded to the borla resonator which connects to the muffler?? I've been thinking of the touring with resonator, but still hear it's too loud from people.
  6. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    Oh wow, I do like the sound of that. I just watched your video on YouTube. Very nice. How comparable is it to the touring would you say? No sure if youve had 1st hand experience with the Borla? Why are you selling it if I may ask.
  7. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    Oh i know. I wish there was a way to hear them all in person. I do plan on running MDS. I don't drive a ton of highway, but enough to have drone be an issue for sure. The Carvens seem a little much for me. I like the sound of Borla, but i really enjoy listening to my radio on 9.
  8. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    Oh I've been on youtube lol. I just don't think you get the full "picture" in a video.
  9. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    I was looking at full cat back
  10. Ope2019

    Exhaust recommendations

    I'm needing a new exhaust as mine has been bent in a few spots (don't ask). So since OEM will basically be the similar price to an aftermarket, I was looking at that route. I was looking at the Borla touring, likely with the resonator. I don't want it to be loud and obnoxious, but some more bite...