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  1. knightro84

    Bilstein install. What did I do wrong?

    Have to remember the springs on the rebel/off road group trucks are 1" taller than regular 1500's. When I did the 5100's on my truck I had to use 4 spring compressors on each spring to get it to compress enough to where I could get the nut back on. I was convinced they were going to fail and...
  2. knightro84

    HOW TO: Add 360 Surround View Camera System

    The part number depends on what options your truck has and what color you're looking for. If your truck does not have the multi-function tailgate but does have the surround view camera system, the part number is 7KJ43XXXAA where the XXX should be replaced with your paint code.
  3. knightro84

    HOW TO: Add 360 Surround View Camera System

    If you're still looking for a CVPM/surround module, I have one from my 2019 for sale currently.
  4. knightro84

    LED light in tailgate handle

    Got this done today!
  5. knightro84

    LED light in tailgate handle

    Just want to make sure from @FM45 or @Jimmy07 that I'm looking at this correctly before I cut up the truck side of the harness. FM45's instructions say to cut the wire in Pin 8, which on my truck's harness appears to be blank? I'm only want to have the tailgate light come on when the cargo/bed...
  6. knightro84

    HOW TO: Add 360 Surround View Camera System

    I just successfully calibrated my CVPM after upgrading from UC4 to UC5 in my 2019. I had to get a 22+ CVPM to play nicely with the UC5 so I bought a new one and had to calibrate it via AlfaOBD. All of the info in this thread, plus a couple of assists from Jimmy07 and I finally got it done...
  7. knightro84

    LED light in tailgate handle

    Just ordered the parts for this... was just telling my dad over the weekend I wish I had the lighted tailgate handle like his 2023 3500 and here we are! Lots of great info in this thread!
  8. knightro84

    4WD Not Engaging

    When this happened to me, the front axle actuator failed and needed to be replaced. Was fixed under warranty.
  9. knightro84

    Gear oil choices for 3.92 LSD

    I'm running it with the mopar friction modifier and have not noticed any adverse reaction. The LSD works as it should. I also haven't had any issues running 75W-90 in the front. I filled both until it started dripping from the fill hole and it was extremely close to the factory fill spec...
  10. knightro84

    Gear oil choices for 3.92 LSD

    I'm running the Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 in the front and 75W-140 in the rear plus the Mopar friction modifier.
  11. knightro84

    Yokohama Geolander X-AT

    I have them in 305/55/20, been running them for about 24,000 miles now. Treadwear has been fantastic, I rotate them every 5,000 miles. They aren't as quiet as a true A/T, but they aren't as loud as an M/T either. Windows up and radio on, I don't hear them. With the windows open I can hear...
  12. knightro84

    Washing the truck.

    I extend the power steps when I wash (so that I can wash the steps as well) and can get the entire roof standing on them.
  13. knightro84

    Resonator Delete Pipe on 2020 Rebel

    My 2019 (October 2018 build) came with the front resonator. I replaced it with the Corsa delete pipe. From what I remember reading (and what others have said here) I think they stopped using the front resonator sometime in 2020. I got the Corsa pipe for $260 shipped.
  14. knightro84

    Oil Filter Relocate Kit For The 5.7?

    I have it, and also added the Fumoto drain valve. Actually enjoy changing the oil on the truck again.
  15. knightro84

    2021 night edition third brake light

    I drove the truck last night at night for the first time since installing the mirror and it appears I’ve lost the auto dimming on my side view mirrors. Not a high deal because the windows are tinted, but I was thinking I’d keep that functionality.
  16. knightro84

    How to disable horn on cold start

    There is a setting in the radio labeled "Sound Horn with Remote Start" - switch it to "off"
  17. knightro84

    High Battery Voltage

    I typically see anywhere from 13.9 to 14.7 on my Scangauge II while driving, but I've never seen higher than 14.7. Is your battery still original? Maybe it's on its way out and spiking voltage. Could be worth having the battery and alt tested, or if it is still under warranty just bring it to...
  18. knightro84

    2021 night edition third brake light

    I put mine in the lower glovebox for now... it honestly might stay there since I don't use that glovebox for anything anyway.
  19. knightro84

    2021 night edition third brake light

    Success!! HUGE thanks to @vincentw56 and @Jimmy07 for the perseverance to see this one through for us 19/20 guys!
  20. knightro84

    2021 night edition third brake light

    Got another one of those getting delivered from Pasternack tomorrow!