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  1. RockYacht2020

    Factory Air Suspension or Aftermarket Bags?

    I do not have the air suspension on my Rebel. I did add Timber Grove bags for towing my trailer, and it solved my squat issue. I have the Stage 3 Icon lift (2" over stock all 4 corners), and the whole setup works great. I run 6-7 psi without a load, and ~45 psi when towing my trailer (600 pounds...
  2. RockYacht2020

    2021 Stolen Ram Rebel 1500!

    Sadness. Thanks again.
  3. RockYacht2020

    2021 Stolen Ram Rebel 1500!

    After a little more research, I was honestly deterred by the Russian manufacturing of the IGLA, but it turns out they're based in Slovenia, and I have nothing against Slovenia or Slovenians. They have actually banned Russian aircraft from its airspace as a sanction for invading Ukraine. Now I'm...
  4. RockYacht2020

    2021 Stolen Ram Rebel 1500!

    Thanks for the great response. I had a friend in high school who drove a '69 Dodge Coronet which had an even lower tech solution where he had a threaded knob under his dash that completed the ignition connection so you couldn't easily hotwire it. Ravelco sounds like a fancier version of that...
  5. RockYacht2020

    2021 Stolen Ram Rebel 1500!

    So I've never really looked into any anti-theft stuff; thanks for the couple of suggestions. I've just finished (LOL...right) building up my truck the way I want it and I don't want this truck stolen, because I don't want to start over. I'm also pretty sure my insurance won't cover 100% of the...
  6. RockYacht2020

    South west gang here!!

    Nice! What trim level is that? Big Horn? :ROFLMAO:
  7. RockYacht2020

    2022 Limited alternator

    I have not. After I did the Li battery, I haven't needed to add it, so I have avoided the project until it becomes necessary. I was planning to run +/- from the battery, but I think frame ground makes sense. I'm not an electrician by any means, so I'd run that past a pro, but it sounds right.
  8. RockYacht2020

    UV light in glovebox

    You could try putting a little garden in there!
  9. RockYacht2020

    Backup Camera

    With the backup cam, I have not turned the rear sensors back on. Ever. It's wildly obnoxious. I only turn the front sensors on when I'm in a parking lot and need to know how close I am to the car I can't see in front of me.
  10. RockYacht2020

    Holes In Bumper

    Alternatively, you could always go with a bit of bondo and ceiling paint. Your truck is white; no one will ever notice. :)
  11. RockYacht2020

    Holes In Bumper

    @Acogs91 was making these and selling them for a few bucks a while back. They were even color-matched. I bought a set and was very pleased with the result. They're still in the truck 32 months later. Edit: didn't see Eighty called out Acogs already. You can ignore this.
  12. RockYacht2020

    Hail damage body shop recommendations in DFW

    I'm not in DFW so can't add any value here, but do you mind posting pictures, or is it too heart-breaking? Sounds gnarly.
  13. RockYacht2020

    Dark Dunes Front Skid Plate and Bumper.

    At first glance, looks like it's only the skid plate with the OEM bumper. Likely a custom job, as I've not seen any traffic on that one.
  14. RockYacht2020

    A new beginning

    Speaking of which, I'll be moving this summer. How many of y'all wanna come help? I consider you ALL my good friends. That's a lot of trucks.
  15. RockYacht2020

    Code B1587 Antenna Short to Ground

    That's a lot of "step 1s"
  16. RockYacht2020

    My RAM 1500 Limited AM radio sucks!

    What's AM radio? I don't know if my truck has that option. :)
  17. RockYacht2020

    Post your Rebel pics!

    OBI Dweller 13' off-road trailer. Tows great behind the Rebel. :cool:
  18. RockYacht2020

    1st oil change

    Wait...we have to change the oil on these trucks?
  19. RockYacht2020

    Mice. G****mn mice.

    I can see how this unfolds: OP reads responses, gets a stray cat, solves mouse problem, but the cat is inside his truck the next morning.
  20. RockYacht2020

    Weight capacity

    This will be fun: it's because they just made the change in 2022 that the driver is no longer included in the payload, so there's your 200 lbs delta. :)